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  1. OK, I realize that now, 1 month isn't all that long compared to how long some stay here. H Boutique is perfectly located, but Agoda says it's 1271 B + 17% = 1487 B. That's 44k per month. I doubt they will give me a 60% discount to get close to my budget.
  2. Canterbury, English Rose China Garden are all on the other side (East side) of Soi Buakhao. Problem with that is, that makes it fair bit of a walk to Beach road 2. Yeah, that's what I have been doing so far, baht bus to beach road 2 and then walk. Somewhat odd that the baht bus from Soi Buakhao to WS doesn't run in the reverse direction.
  3. I really like this area: on Soi Honey, about halfway between Beach road 2 and Soi Buakhao. With that in mind, does anyone have a suggestion for a long term (1 month, possibly extended to 2 months) in that area? Requirements are: - around Soi honey, halfway between beach road 2 and Soi Buakhao (or close to it) - NOT in the LK Metro area!!! It's LOUUUUUUD in there. Not even very close to LK Metro (like Katesiree) - quiet (as quiet as possible for the area) - budget is around 15k + electricity or 17k all-in - girlfriendly of course - guesthouses are ok - decent-good wifi - prefer 2nd or 3rd floor (anything above that is pain to climb on stairs) - microwave is a plus (for those impromptu microwavable meals from 7-11) - don't care about balcony, it's too hot to sit outside - don't care about TV, I watch TV about 1-2 times a month I know I can catch a baht bus from Soi Buakhao to Walking Street (to the corner of beach road 2 and South Pattaya road, anyway). Is there a baht bus that will bring me back to Soi Buakhao? If so, where does one board this baht bus?
  4. There was an attempt by the authorities to ban baht buses on soi buakhao. That lasted all of a few days, maybe a week. Lots of baht buses on soi buakhao now.
  5. It all depends on what you value in a hotel: location, quality of rooms, safety, facilities, etc. You have only mentioned that you like the location. I am staying in a guesthouse on Soi honey, halfway between beach road 2 and soi buakhao. Decent room for 800 baht. Location IMO is awesome. If I walk to beach road 2, I can catch a baht bus to soi 6. Central Festival is a short walk away. Soi buakhao, Soi Lengkee, Soi Chayapoon, LK Metro are all a short walk away. I can walk to soi buakhao and catch a baht bus to walking street. Of the hotels you listed, Areca and Bay Breeze are similarly located.
  6. Guesthouses are usually rooms above a business. So the main floor is a restaurant, or bar, or whatever business. The owners/operators generate extra income by renting out rooms on the other floors. Each guesthouse doesn't have that many rooms, around 4-8 per guesthouse. Housekeeping may only be available up to 2 pm, say. There is often no formal reception (the bar manager handles those duties). Overall, I would say, guesthouses can be great value for the money. Just be careful about the location of them. The LK metro area, for example, is full of guesthouses. It's also full of bars, which makes the area very loud until the wee hours of the morning.
  7. June is low season. Hotels are a bit cheaper then (girls are not). Dunno how much money you have to spend overall, but if you need to budget, keep in mind that around 1500 B gets you a pretty decent hotel. You can spend more money on the girls then.
  8. I just got my 30 day extension in Bangkok. Filled out 1 form (TM7 form). I imagine it's the same in Jomtien. The form is easy to fill out, takes about 5 minutes. Why bother picking up one, or printing out one before? Just fill it out when you do the extension. What you will need: Photocopy of passport (photo page, page with entry stamp, that exit form/stub you got when you arrived) Local Phone number (the form itself doesn't require a phone number, but the immigration officer will ask you to write it down) A photo of yourself (4x6 cm)