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  1. totally agree with the op, nice place and great location.
  2. yes i have been a few times, very easy to get to for me here in vn. has an international airport and a superdong i promise thats the name lol ferry service from mainland vn. its quite a big island but only really a couple of really nice beaches but definitelynot world class, some very good expensive resorts and some good budget smaller places you will need to rent a motorcycle to get around. there is a great night market and a few bars and lots of restaurants some massage joints but for p4p i suggest you take your own girl.its ok for a couple of days nothing much to do, some touristy tours etc, pm me if you want any more info.
  3. if you are looking to be budget conscience then the captains guest house soi honey is cheap and cheerful and the owner gerry is a great bloke.
  4. Sanya Apartments

    great review, thank you
  5. H Boutique....a Lottelee Winna review

    good review, thank you for your time and effort
  6. looks very nice thank you for the information
  7. place looks great, good luck with the rooms and iam sure it will be a fantastic success regards Craig
  8. My Walking street video!

    great video thank you for sharing
  9. VN disabled couples get dream wedding

    i live in Vietnam such a great story thank you for sharing
  10. thailandfreakreborn the reupload

    haha love it thank you for the time and the effort
  11. Convenience versus Cost

    hey buddy for me Soi Buakhao is the best place in pattaya for convenience, i have also stayed near the dolphin roundabout and i would choose Soi Buakhao any-time but this is just my humble opinion
  12. i am over 50 so not relevant, but will be watching this thread with interest.
  13. following this with great interest, thank you for the update.