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  1. I think it's worth pointing out, if you offered this for free I don't think you would have takers. The icing on the cake is that I believe the shower is in the middle of the room, glass, affording no privacy lol. Serious question though, if money is tight (nothing wrong with that), why go for such an expensive room? There are perfectly good rooms in the 1000bt price range, where hotels are relatively new.
  2. That new one on soi 6 that opened up last year, did so well, the owner was able to sell up and retire early
  3. I value my privacy in the bathroom, I would only choose a room with a bathroom like this as a last resort. I'd also be worried how comfortable the girls would be with it. I know some guys like it, but surely it turns more customers away? Seems like an odd design decision.
  4. Given the conflict between the currency shown in my bank statement, and on the docket, it's unclear which was used - definitely doesn't show on bank statement like a normal ATM withdrawal. Without a follow up confirmation, can't be sure if it was only coincidence the received rate was BKK banks fx rate, hopefully someone can confirm the next time they try.
  5. That showed the amount in THB (I had to check my bank statement to work out the exchange rate I actually received). While my bank statements normally show the THB amount for merchant purchases, I think once I paid a hotel using my credit card, and similarly it didn't show the THB amount (in that case I assume I still got the mastercard rate though). There is a small chance there was an fx rate fluctuation that day, an in fact I received the mastercard rate - it just seemed too much of a coincidence that the rate I received was within 0.01 of the rate shown on the bank screen at the time the transaction was made.
  6. Yes they appear to debit in your home currency, as I noticed on my statement, the amount withdrawn was shown as AUD, where the ATM will show the THB amount as well on the statement. It's not DCC (which gives you an atrocious rate), I checked the rate and it was pretty much exactly what the fx rate displayed at the bank was at the time. Maybe you need to ask the bank to withdraw as THB? They go over to the currency exchange booth to get the THB though, so I'm not sure if it's possible to bypass their fx exchange rate.
  7. There is no charge (and you don't need an account), but there's a catch if you have a home currency with a poor exchange rate - Bangkok Bank for example charges around 1.2% to convert AUD to THB, and as far as I can tell, this is the rate they use when you do an over the counter withdrawal (not the mastercard rate the ATM would give you, which is closer to 0.7%). If you have a USD account, this is not an issue since USD to THB charge is around 0.5%.
  8. I think if the OP's friend (friends??) look like this, BM Skalliwag might be interested
  9. If it's not already, the fees are getting to the point it's cheaper to Western Union yourself some cash and pick it up, which is ridiculous - but once that genie is out of the bottle (becomes widespread) it's hard to put it back in, unless they roll back the fees. Don't have to worry about skimmed cards with WU either. I only mention WU, not as it's the most cost competitive measure, but as it's one of the most accessible options, that would be difficult for the local bank cartel to block.
  10. While I have a local account, I know some people who like to withdraw smaller amounts, for a combination of (not always compelling) reasons. 220 baht is a deal breaker if you're wanting to withdraw a few thousand baht at a time (so is 150.. just less so). I wonder how VISA/Mastercard view this, it both eats into their revenues, and damages their brand indirectly - as people are encouraged into alternatives, and realize they don't need to be using their network.
  11. The most perverse thing about the Philippines law, is how the waitresses on 120pesos/day salary, can and do get convicted of these laws and get jail time. One waitress I know of had 2 (might have been 3 years) in jail, no reduction in sentence. The waitress was every bit as much 'trafficked' into that line of work (under this loose definition), cops 3 years in jail. Doesn't sound like justice to me. Rather the opposite, it's punishing a 'victim' of trafficking, given many waitresses barfine just the same as dancers, it's only a technicality (handling cash) that sets them apart from the dancers.
  12. Which is why it's such a disaster that the term 'trafficking' has been misappropriated to include voluntary workers, as it trivialises the vast difference between the two groups.
  13. I heard some legislators are pushing to force them to display their cut/commission on the booking page, as it ranges from 12-20% (sometimes much higher). It would sting to see that out of a multi week booking, agoda receives a $200 cut for providing 30 minutes of time browsing their database. Price for service provided seems well out of whack. They don't allow hotels to undercut agoda (I get that), which is why hotels don't openly discount lower than Agoda. However they offer agoda points, effectively undercutting the hotels. I think that is well out of line, to screw your customer (the hotels) over like this.
  14. Yes only worth doing in cases where you can't get to the BKK Citi ATM. I also forgot about the fee if you immediately deposit it into your Thai bank, that's only small though.
  15. Why not just an over the counter withdrawal? I've done 70k over the counter before. I'm pretty sure it gives you the bank fx rate (as the withdrawal appears in AUD in your bank statement), which as you noted isn't as good as the ATM rate.