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  1. If you want some help completing the forms there is a visa agency right next to the Immigration office in Jomtien And for around 300 baht they will complete all the forms for you. They can also provide photos if needed for another 150 baht. If you want them to do it all and walk you in they charge around 1100 baht on top of the 1900 baht and you can collect visa next day. Hope that helps.
  2. Hi mate are you doing this through a visa agency which is located next to immigration? Also I'm guessing the 30,000 thb means you don't have to leave Thailand? If you genuinely go to school it's simply 1900 baht every 90 days, I'm guessing the 6000 is if you decide not to go? Where is the school located and what are the class times etc?
  3. Thanks guys will look into it and contact a few schools to get more info.
  4. Hi All have a few questions around the 12 month Education visa and wondered if you wise folks can help me out. I am currently in Thailand on a single entry 60 day Tourist Visa which I extended to 90 through Jomtien Immigration. I will be leaving Thailand shortly and then returning again on a 60 day visa from the Thai Embassy in London. My questions are as follows; is this the correct visa to convert to a 12 month Educational visa? I know there are Many Visa agencies but they quote anywhere between 15,000 And 30,000 THB to organise this for you. Has anyone done it themselves? Secondly my understanding is that the course of Education is not simply limited to learning Thai and could be something completely different? Has anyone studied Muay Thai at all and know any gyms approved by Immigration? I will obviously pop down to immigration to have a chat but any pointers from other BMs are much appreciated. I understand that the requirement is two hours a day study four times a week which would be fine for what I have in mind. I should add that I'm a total beginner and initially the training would be to get into shape. Appreciate your help with this.
  5. Hi All Looking for a one bedroom apartment to rent for January & February 2017. Currently living in a studio which is 41 m2 and want something larger with a separate living room. My preference is to stay in Jomtien and not interested in View Talay 1. Budget wise would like to keep as close to 15,000 baht a month as possible. Non smoker and non drinker so a good tenant here and very quiet too. Prefer View Talay 2A or B if possible as currently staying there and like the location. Please feel free to PM me with any details.
  6. Hi mate currently on a 60 day Tourist visa and will extend for another 30 days shortly in Jomtien immigration. I plan to go beginning of week when current visa expires; although I'm told you can leave it to last day as new visa will start from expiry of current visa. You will need a couple of passport size photos, to complete some forms and to pay just under 2000 baht for the extension. Can't help re the retirement visa but hope the above Is useful. Good luck
  7. Is condo available for January and February 2017?
  8. I'm looking to rent a one bedroom condo in Jomtien Ideally VT2A or VT2B from mid December until March 2017. Have checked noticeboards by they seem to have only studios and I wanted something larger. I Have spoken to a couple Of agents and not found anything yet so any help much appreciated. I would say that I'm a very good tenant as I'm quiet and don't drink or smoke and very tidy lol.
  9. Hi All currently renting in VT2A and very happy with block and location excellent also. I'm looking for another 3 month let from middle of December until 1st week of March. Happy to consider other developments but definitely want to stay in Jomtien and be walking distance from Beach Rod etc. I'm in town now until end of November so can always arrange a mutually convenient time to view. Please feel free to PM me.
  10. Just one quick question regarding 30 day.extension for 60 day visa, when is the earliest you can apply for the extension? Guessing it's passport, proof of address and two photos and cost is around 2000 baht? Many thanks
  11. Many thanks for the prompt reply