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  1. R-Con ? Heard it recommended but never stayed myself. Cheers
  2. Nice and seems priced to be rented, surprised it hasn't gone yet. You put in the extra effort on all your rentals JDM and it shows. Cheers
  3. As it should be, be a shame for it to remain empty, well done mate. Cheers
  4. Yeah, it's really in the corporate renting realm, don't think too many mongers would be up for the price but it's peanuts to a company. Stunning place JH, your mate sure did a cracker job. Cheers
  5. The last couple of lines of the OP must be getting clipped on phone apps. Here it is. "This condo is available for long term rental only. Rentals are 14,000 Baht/monthly for a 6 month contract or 12,000 Baht/monthly for a 12 month contract and a 2 month deposit is required." Cheers
  6. There's been a fair correction already Daryle, time will tell how much further the property market in Pattaya will fall. Who knows, it might bounce back. I've been watching the market for about 2 years now, by no means an expert but just keep an eye on prices in certain developments and areas. An average of about 50k a sqm or lower seems the going rate now compared to 70k plus only a couple of years ago. There's always exceptions of course, but that's what I'm seeing in the last couple of years. Cheers
  7. 2 bed townhouses can be had near Big C Extra on Pattaya Klang, know one bloke in a decent one for 15k a month. There's pools and gyms all over central Pattaya, just depends how close to one you want to be. Cheers
  8. Looks very nice Tiger, and good value IMHO. Cheers
  9. Your right of course, what they pay depends on length of stay, the longer you book for the cheaper per day it is, down to 1700 I think for this particular condo. I do think most people looking at condo's are generally booking for weeks at a time rather than days. If I was looking at 2 or 3 days, I'd go a hotel not a condo. Regards Honey's Vs Dancewatchers, personally found Dancewatchers a pleasure to deal with, never a problem in about 10 stays with them in VT2 and VT6, no experience with Honey's and see no reason to change. From comparing their condo's when I first looked at VT6, I just thought the DW's looked better presented and equipped than Honey's so went with DW. Sorry for going a bit OT Galt, will stop now :-) Cheers
  10. Lol. I spend more than that in a gogo bar in an hour, those rotten fleecing bar girls. The asking price is just that, no one is being forced to pay it, the market will decide if it's fair or not. Going by the bookings on Dancewatchers, a lot of people think it's a fair price. Booked almost solid right through low season. I'd book it for my next trip if it wasn't gone already. Cheers
  11. I'd imagine it's aimed at company executives, for a decent sized company the asking prices at the Cove would be no problem. Cheers
  12. Really amazing what they can fit into 35 sqm. Really nice looking, see you've put in a lot of effort into decorating, best of luck with the rentals. Cheers
  13. BM Hamlek had 2 top floor ones for rent with ocean views, he might be worth PM'ing. The 70sgm 2 bedroom one think he was asking 38k a month. Link to that one http://www.pattaya-addicts.com/forum/topic/306782-condo-70-sqm-2-bed-2-bath-with-amazing-views-in-the-base-for-rent/ Cheers
  14. Grats mate, someone lucky bugger got a good deal. Cheers
  15. Bump for this very sweet looking condo, very nicely presented and a good location. Good size and seems fairly priced. Cheers