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  1. Bit too late for that, pretty sure the Hilton on the other side of VT6 is a five star :-) Cheers
  2. I'll report further in 7 weeks, yeeehaaaaa. Cheers
  3. 4 weeks ago there was zero progress. Still just an empty overgrown lot. Cheers
  4. Opinions on VT 6 Condo

    Absolute bargain for that condo OP, well done mate. Cheers
  5. Opinions on VT 6 Condo

    Think we've had this discussion somewhere else, but here goes. I have rented from DW'ers at least 10 times now and as recently as 4 weeks ago. Last time was for 22 days and my bill was 34,350 The bill was 22 nights X 1500 ( the room rate ) = 33,000 Add their 1000 baht restoration fee = 34,000 So I can only assume the 350 is this tax ? Cheers
  6. Yeah, I seem to recall one selling at the Cove recently for 145 mill. Guess some people have the cash to splash. Here's an unfurnished one advertised for 143 Mill Cheers
  7. Diamond Tower condo

    Fair enough, I'm only averaging 10 to 12 weeks a year and obviously been lucky so far. I'm also usually in bed asleep by midnight or at the latest 2 in the morning and probably miss a lot of the potential drama from drunks rolling in at all hours of the early morning. I didn't take it as you suggesting I was anything Kitten. I'd imagine that the possibility is always there that a neighbour from hell could move in next door permanently too, one of the drawbacks of buying. Easier to pull up stumps and move if renting long term which will be my objective rather than buying. Cheers
  8. Diamond Tower condo

    Fair enough Chris, but given that VT6 has a lot of short term rentals, I struggle to pick who is a resident and who is a short term stayer based on behaviour. I don't see anyone going around and damaging things just for the heck of it and I've never had a noise issue in any of the rooms I've stayed in. Probably at least 10 stays in different rooms in the last few years. Got any examples of the big differences in behaviour between short stay and long stayers? Edited to add : Based on the time I've stayed in VT6 if I was in the market for a condo I'd have no problem buying in VT6. If I had the money I'd snap up Larssons 27th floor mansion in a heartbeat :-) Cheers
  9. Diamond Tower condo

    I respect what your saying Kitten, and I have no idea what would happen to the condo market if short term rentals were banned and actually enforced. From what I understand it's illegal to rent for under a month now but it's not being enforced from what I can see as I just this month rented in VT6 for 3 weeks. I personally wouldn't be looking to buy if it was enforced, just go back to staying in hotels. Again, just speaking personally, I don't believe that I cause any extra damage or disruption while renting a condo short term. I think I behave exactly the same as I would if I was an owner/occupier. I honestly don't see a huge amount of extra wear and tear being done by short term renters compared to long term. People are what they are regardless of how long they are staying. You living here permanently maybe see things I don't, be interested in some examples if you can think of any you have seen personally. Cheers
  10. Diamond Tower condo

    I guess no point in me having a balcony other than to dry clothes. My point is I guess the condo's opposite Central under the 10th floor are saleable and some are already sold as I've stayed in a couple different ones so far. For me they're good as generally they are cheaper to rent compared to the high floor walking street side. Some people don't like those because they get too much afternoon sun, so no pleasing everyone as you say. Cheers
  11. Diamond Tower condo

    There's tons of Thai quota units in the building empty, and the developer doesn't seem to care whether units sell or not, hasn't discounted prices since day 1 as far as I know. I've stayed on the central side on the 7th floor right opposite the air con outlet on central and with the doors closed can't hear a thing. I admit I don't sit on the balcony much and couldn't give a stuff about a sea view. I'd have no problem buying a unit below the 10th floor on the central side if I was in the market. Cheers
  12. Not that easy to find a condo of this size either unless you start looking at places like the Cove, and then be prepared to pay over 100 million baht. Cheers
  13. Roughly just under 60k per sqm. Might seem a little high in current market but might be a bargain in a good location, nicely furnished etc etc, Lots of factors to take into calculation, Probably open to some negotiation as well. Looks like a really nice condo from the photo's and could be just what someone's looking for at not an unrealistic price for the size IMHO. Cheers
  14. Watch Tv From Back Home 3999 Baht NO MONTHLY FEES

    Had a box delivered to VT6 last week and have to say very happy with it so far. Haven't had a lot of time to play with it but what I've seen so far it's all good. Hi-Media Lite. Cheers
  15. Diamond Tower condo

    As far as buying of plan, IMHO it's a very dicey thing to do in a falling market. There's just too high a risk of in-completion and in a lot of cases your purchase is devalued before you even move in. in a rising market, different story and maybe worth the risk, I still wouldn't personally. I would want a chanote in my hand the day I hand over my money and move in straight away. Not be possibly stuck in limbo for years on end, just too many horror stories surfacing in the last few years. Cheers