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  1. Thanks Galt, I did look at it before. It's a 1000 baht a month more than 24/7 but it's more the opening hours that stop me. I like to get in early in the morning between 5 and 6 and Coco don't open till 7. Cheers
  2. Too true, if I didn't go to the gym I'd never have to cross 2nd road. I wish my travel insurance was only 30 quid, at my age over $100. Cheers
  3. Easy walking distance to The Avenue gym which is 10 times better than any gym your going to find in a condo complex. Cheers
  4. First time Pattaya. Help!

    I think he says in OP an APARTMENT, my understanding is that they are charged differently and 8 baht seems to be the low end, some I've heard charge 10. Cheers
  5. View Talay 7

    Nice condo mate, like the wall decorations as well, so may condo's they leave the walls bare. Few thousand baht spent on wall hangings can make a big difference. Can shorter stays be negotiated for a higher price? Cheers
  6. Your assuming that I haven'i. I've looked at the Base, Centric Sea, Centara etc etc. For my taste, they are too small for the same or similar price. Plus I like the baht bus both ways option you have in VT6, and it's very central so location for me is perfect. If I was looking at long term stay eg 12 month at least I probably would go up Naklua or Pratumnak way to be out of the hustle and bustle but I'm looking for 3 week stays 4 times a year. Cheers
  7. Fair enough mate. You call it peddling and huckstering, I call it promoting. Each to their own and how they see it. I can tell you that I've found it impossible to book his room for at least the last year unless I try and book at least 12 months in advance and I don't plan my dates that far out or i could get a week booking here and there and move rooms which I might consider. Cheers
  8. Ummmm yes mate, your in the Buy/Sell/Rent Land , Houses and Condo's Thread. Galt is renting out a Condo, and he is promoting it here in the appropriate Thread. That's what people renting out their Condo's do. I don't get what your on about TBH. Cheers
  9. Good point Chris, have heard that being a problem more than once. Cheers
  10. Kinda sucks for any foreigner trying to sell now if their development is over quota, have to try and sell it in Thai quota which would be almost impossible. Reportedly Thais want new, not second hand. Or would that not be the case? Cheers
  11. Doesn't seem to bother some. There's hundreds of unsold shells in View Talay 6. Probably more than half of View Talay 5 is unsold. Just depends on the developer I think. Maybe they make enough by selling the foreign quota. Cheers
  12. Thanks for that info Wido, hope they get close to that date. Cheers
  13. VT6 Dancewatcher

    I'm in 307 atm and it's fine as well. Like you it doesn't bother me being on the CF side, I prefer it as it's cooler on the balcony and noise has never been an issue. Also like you been very happy with the company, have booked at least 3 in VT2 with them and probably more than 10 now in VT6. Never ever had any sort of problem, always punctual when collecting balance the next morning. Take's 30 secs to set up the internet, suck it up mate :-) Cheers
  14. Been wanting to rent your 1073 for a year now but it's always booked for my dates :-( Very popular room, you must be pleased with the return. Goes to show what a bit of work in doing up a condo nicely can achieve. Cheers
  15. Yeah, think your spot on mate. I really like the look and location and interested in buying a unit. Luckily I'm in no hurry so will be waiting till after completion. The way the market is going prices aren't likely to be rising in the next few years at least. Cheers