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  1. Sheraton, big room and desk, isolated location
  2. The only day you need a reservation is New Years Eve. Otherwise, sometimes the walk-in rate is lower than what you would pay if you book in advance.
  3. 2011 to 2013, back when it was a great place to live.
  4. I've posted this before, my room at VT6. 800 baht per night
  5. When I moved in the building was nearly empty. It was a great place to live before these agencies filled it up with short timers jumping off the balconies.
  6. It's a condominium. Some owners contract with agencies to rent out the units, it's not a hotel. I lived there from 2011 to 2013, and it was a great place to live. Now it sucks.
  7. The military junta have been enforcing the rules more and it may only be a matter of time before they get around to enforcing this one. It would put these agencies out of business, think you'll get your deposit refunded?
  8. Unless you book for a month or more, you're in violation of the Hotel Act and subject to arrest, although unlikely.
  9. I never book in advance for Pattaya visits but only stay a few days at a time. I'm a resident, so immigration is not an issue. Diamond Beach Hotel charges 850 for walk-in, 1200 if you book on Agoda (includes breakfast, worth 100). I'm not recommending this Hotel, but the location is good.
  10. Where to stay in Koh Chang

    I recommend the Emerald Cove Resort, it's always among the highest rated resorts on Trip Advisor and I've stayed there at least a dozen times, although I booked The Chill (more expensive) for my next visit. See my travel report
  11. Secrets Villa Detailed Photo Update

    About the same price as the "pimp pad" and certainly a much better deal
  12. View Talay 6 November 2016

    Thanks. I used to leave the balcony door open all night and catch the breeze, there were no bugs at that altitude, and no roaches, but that was 4 years ago.
  13. View Talay 6 November 2016

    Thanks, and it only covered the first 5 months.
  14. View Talay 6 November 2016

    I lived there 2 years, before it filled up with short timers. It was a great place to live then. Here's my room, 26th floor Walking Street side.
  15. VT6 vs The Base

    I lived in VT6 for 2 years. The short term rentals completely ruined the vibe of living there. I'll be glad when the authorities decide to crack down on these illegal rentals.