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  1. Well, I'm here now for just over 60 days and it's time to make my plans to get out of Dodge and return to Pattaya. I am looking again into ACMECS. It is a single visa that allows 1 entry into Cambodia and 1 entry into Thailand. This so that I won't have to wait in line at Phnom Penh for a visa (on arrival ?) and I won't have to apply and go back to the Thai Embassy in Phnom Penh to get the tourist visa to come back into Thailand. 2 birds, 1 stone. There is however, a dearth of information about it. The Thai Embassy in Cambodia has information on it but doesn't tell one how to actually OBTAIN one. I can't even FIND the Thailand Embassy's official website in Thailand anymore. Anybody know anything about this particular ACMECS visa ? Where/How to get ? TIA
  2. I've gotten an extension 4 times. Once was during the week of Dec 25-Jan 1 2015. A bit over a 3 hour wait. Fortunately I had a seat. The other 3 times, NOT during Christmas week and not including filling out the forms, took about 1/2 hour.
  3. I know people will do their due diligence but still you should be careful when listing such things as airport code. MLA is MALTA. MNL is Manila. Quite a difference,,,,,,,,,,,,, but thanks for Cebu Air,,,,,,,,
  4. Totally understand there's nothing set in stone about any of this - just "answering" brewster. Excuse me but the current option is $25K USD in the bank. The new one is $90K USD. And while I don't understand exactly the requirements for USING the money, i.e. withdrawing to live on AND the next requirement period and amount, for EITHER the current of the proposed new, even I know that having monthly income of $2000 USD and $3000 USD is a 50% rise in the requirement and more than likely a problem for some/many/most (pick one) of ex-pats wanting to stay in Thailand. Also, MY best guess is most ex-pats, under the present requirements, struggled to get $25K in the bank,,,,,,,, never mind almost $100K. So the MAIN issue isn't the proposed "longer stay" and the benefits of same (and people would still have to report every 90 days) it's the rather large $$$$$ requirements IF the new proposal REPLACES the current one.
  5. Now - $25,000 USD in the bank and ~ $2000 per month in income. I qualify. New - $90,000 USD in the bank and ~ $3000 per month in income. I do NOT qualify. You really don't see how this can be construed as "anti-foreigner" ?
  6. Well, it's been about 10 months since I was there and, since I normally have trouble remembering 10 minutes ago, I'll take your word for it. I don't actually recall raising my right hand but that doesn't mean I didn't. This was "strike 2", after which I went home. My first attempt at the Non O-A fell through because you have to apply for the Non O-A at least 15 days prior to your permission to stay expires. I didn't find that requirement ANYWHERE, in all of my research, so I had to leave the country and re-enter on my 2nd TV. Strike 2 was going to Jomtien and have them submit the Non O-A paperwork and at that point (2 months after having originally gotten the income document from the US Embassy), they had put in place their requirement to have Foreign Affairs in Bangkok affix their stamp. So, having gotten the doc BEFORE the requirement, of course I didn't have the stamp. So Jomtien wouldn't submit and I, rather than jump through the new hoops, stayed another 3 months and went home.
  7. Yes, but it's a document you are actually giving to Thailand telling them you have enough monthly income. So I'm thinking it's Thailand you'd be lying to. USA (don't know about Oz) is only verifying that you proved to their satisfaction it was you who signed the document. So you're not lying to the USA (or in your case Oz). But I'm no lawyer so if anyone's concerned about it they should look into it.
  8. I believe it's the Thais that would make your life miserable for lying on the declaration. After all it'd be them you were lying to, not the U.S. or OZ.
  9. Actually, at least for the USA, that's not correct. The US citizen fills out the form certifying they receive $USD___________ per month (applicant fills in the amount of course. All the US Embassy does is certify the person's signature is theirs; essentially the Embassy is only notarizing the person's signature.
  10. Thanks jerry. Just to be clear, this 60 day visa, from the embassy in Cambodia, can also be extended and additional 30 days with a trip to Jomtien, yes ?
  11. Some of you guys are giving places one can go to get another visa for re-entry into Thailand without telling us what country you're from. I'm guessing you're all from a major Western nation like the UK, the USA or Australia. Not all nationalities can just exit Thailand, enter another country and get another visa to get back into Thailand; at least not so easily. e.g. as an American I (think(?) I) know I can go to Phnom Penh for 3-5 days and, while I'm there, get another 60 day visa to re-enter Thailand. Is Hong Kong a possibility ? Kuala Lumpur ? If any of you can list a few cities/countries an AMERICAN can go to for a few days and have a rather easy time getting another Thai visa for re-entry I'd be grateful. TIA
  12. I was at the Thai Consulate in Miami. I applied for a 2/double entry visa, NOT an METV They changed the 2 to a 1 and, in addition, told me METV was no longer available. Friday I left a phone message and sent 2 separate emails to the Thai EMBASSY in D.C. asking for clarification. I suppose if I CAN just fly to Phnom Penh, stay there for 2 or 3 days and get another 60 day SETV for Thailand, even as an American, that won't be the worst thing - just have to make sure of that first.
  13. Going blind in my old age !!! Sowwy,,,,,,,
  14. How can long term rates on the PCX be "negotiable" if you didn't state a rate in the first place ?