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  1. I love that pic, Madagascar.

  2. Or there's worry about more than 67 cents more for a cash withdrawl or get a better job such that this huge expense won't cause a 50 reply post. Who gives a shit about 220 vs. 150 baht, really? Panhandlers and monks.
  3. Most notably an actual e-visa and this decade.
  4. They are just a pain in the ass to aim properly however.
  5. All of them. Agoda certainly does not charge 17%. Note better hotels will beat Agoda / Asiatravel prices so check the online first then check the hotel. The hotels post the rooms and rates and pay Agoda a commission so they are always willing to go lower than the online price. Watch out regardless of site of prepaid and non-refundable rates if your plans change. Kingston Hotel group in Bangkok offered excellent prepaid rates which were good for me when I was already in Pattaya. You can always secure a cancellable room months ahead, then check for prices closer to arrival and cancel and rebook. An e-mail to the hotel will accomplish the same lowering of the rates as well.
  6. You're fine due to leaving and coming back. It's 2 days and 9 days, two trips, both under 30 days.
  7. The Thais are testing so called language school students for proficiency in Thai based on attendance and turfing those who are merely scamming the system. You don't have to convert one visa to an education visa as it is a separate kind of visa. Prepare to actually go to language school and prove it.
  8. How about giving them the information they ask for? A travel agent will make a booking and hold it (or cancel it and rebook) so you can have a printed itinerary and one presumes you have a bank account and are not homeless.
  9. People seem to have no idea what a re-entry permit is (it is not a visa). If you have a retirement visa you get the permit to leave and come back on the retirement visa. You don't get other visas on top of one good for a year with 90 day reporting.
  10. For such a small amount just exchange it. So what if you get a few hundred Baht less. Why change such a trifling amount twice for the sake of cents on the pound? And vs. hopping all over hells half acre in Pattaya use a bank ATM with security. I use Kasikorn near Tukcom. Yes there's a fee. One drink's worth. Big deal.
  11. I didn't check the link but from negative 10,000 to negative infinity?
  12. Suuuuure they don't. You lose the key and they blast it open then weld it shut. How many times were you robbed in that 24 days, based on your 5 year old robbery wave observation?
  13. One down and about 20,000 of the ignorant robbing assholes to go.