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  1. I have to say that this whole Cryptocurrency thing just boggles my old brain. I remember when Bitcoin started and it seemed like it was going for pennies. A currency with no govt backing and nothing behind it like gold or something should be worthless in my mind. I guess I'm just the wrong generation to understand it.
  2. k1 Visa to US

    If only all the assholes that voted for Hillary would move to Canada, I could get that Malibu beach house I always wanted. 555
  3. k1 Visa to US

    Ask these guys I used them when I was stupid enough to bring a girl to the u.s. on a fiance visa and everything went smooth as silk. They even gave her practice sessions on what to say in the interview. I'm sure they will answer your questions for free.

    I'm in!!
  5. Watch Tv From Back Home 3999 Baht NO MONTHLY FEES

    I bought the Hi media lite, about a week ago. I have to say that Bob, the installer was very nice and explained everything about the box very well. He took his time and answered all my questions completely. It definitely was a good experience. The box itself is ok. Watching movies or old tv shows is very easy, and for the most part come in very clear with no problems. Though I do wish it was easier to pause a show so I can get up and take a leak. The streaming live shows are a lot more fussy, maybe I'm doing it wrong and just need to do some more learning. Overall, I'm very happy I bought the box. Just what I'm going to save by not having to buy dvd's anymore, it will pay for itself in no time.
  6. Watch Tv From Back Home Free Box

    Can I get NFL games? And is it possible to record tv?
  7. You just described my perfect holiday!
  8. Before flying back to LOS, maybe you should go talk to your bank in the UK, they might know something we don't?
  9. Wanting to buy a s7

    Thanks for all the responses. I didn't even know that they counterfeit phones. I guess my best bet is to buy one in the u.s. I have a gear VR, and maybe I'm too old for that stuff, but after 5 minutes it's too overwhelming and I have to take it off. My brother who's a few years older than me and a big 3-d fan, made it about 3 minutes before quitting. So, I would definitely try it before you buy it.
  10. Wanting to buy a s7

    Hi, can someone on the ground in Pattaya, tell me the price of a brand new samsung galaxy s7? Not edge, just standard s7. Maybe from tukcom? I can buy one in the u.s. on amazon for about 17,000 baht, and was just wondering if that was a good deal or not?
  11. Sorry to butt in on your conversation. But hipflat is good too. But really, I think the best way is to go looking on foot in whatever area you want to live.
  12. House for rent

    Where's the stripper pole?
  13. View Talay 6 Condo for rent

    Beautiful condo, love the bar. But does it come with expat tv??? 555
  14. This might be a silly question, but I'm not up on the current laws. Is it legal for a Farang to own a small business outright, or does it have to be in a Thai person's or companies name?