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  1. Condo help please, Nirun or near

    If you go into Nirun all the way down to the bottom of the left hand road there's an agent on the left hand side. I've just had a year using them and they were fine. No issues with deposit or anything. There's also plenty of adverts around all of the enterance doors and in some of the shops. 5000/month is standard month by month for the old blocks, don't let anybody try and make you pay more. 7000 is ok for the big block
  2. Went in yesterday with just a copy of my rental agreement with mine and the landlady's name on it and it was all they wanted, nothing said about the blue book or ID card copy. Filled in the two forms and went straight to the desk. There's wasn't a single person waiting in front of me. Got my passport back in less than two minutes and was on my way. A much improved service from when I last did this about a year ago
  3. What's the latest with needing the blue book and ID card copy on top of your contract? I've only got my rental agreement and was going to try my luck tomorrow for my 30 day extension.
  4. I hope they're in an agreeable mood tomorrow when I check in at Brum airport with a one way ticket. I flew Air India last time out and they never questioned anything. So fingers crossed! The only time I've ever been questioned was with Thai Airways from Heathrow back in 2012, but they bought my story of only intending to spend 2 weeks in Bangkok before moving to Laos long term. I didn't have a visa flying out that time as well.
  5. I got my passport back 10 days ago, it took a week from dropping it off at the post office. For some reason the special delivery wasn't a next working day drop, I sent it Saturday and it was signed for at the embassy on Tuesday the 8th, unless Saturdays don't count and it goes on Monday. So I guess you're right because it came back on the Friday. All good, should be arriving in a couple of weeks.
  6. It certainly is in the UK
  7. Does anybody use this system? How long does it take? If anybody has horror stories of passports going missing in the post, or similar then I'll drive to the consulate like normal. Just thought I'd ask as it's a pain in the arse going in person.
  8. View Talay 1B ,fantastic rental deal!

    What is the internet like there? If it's shared WiFi, is there an option to have a private connection switched on?
  9. View Talay 1B ,fantastic rental deal!

    Are you still only doing min 6 month rentals? I'm back around February March time but might be limited to 3 month stays if the new visa policy limits how many back to back single entries I can get, now this new multi entry complicates things.
  10. Is it still possible to get a residence permit on a tourist visa if you want to open a bank account?
  11. New 60 day single entry According to the Hull website it is indeed all of your last 6 bank statements. I've also just noticed that to take the piss even more, for married couples, they need to have £5000 EACH in the bank for 6 months. I've just had a good read through this thread >><< which has left me in a state of near panic of the thought of getting fucked around like they have just for an extra 30 days on their tourist visas. It really does look like they've followed through, not by actually closing any loopholes, but by fucking everybody about to the limits of their patience so they can't be arsed to put themselves through it any more. The stories about ed visas getting rejected or problems along the way have put me off that route. I can't get a multi entry because I'm a degenerate gambler and don't want a 'proper' job that will give me a tax return as part of the application. And I don't have the patience to start jumping through all these new hoops just to extend my 60 days up to 90. It was fun while it lasted I guess.....
  12. New 60 day single entry

    I think having that amount sat in a current account idle for 6 months will put more than the backpackers off
  13. It's listed as Chakri Memorial Day but I can't find out if the consulate will be closed. Is Jomtien immigration closed on that day?, I assume it will be the same in Vientiane.
  14. Can anyone point me to what days immigration is open over the next few days? I've googled but can't find anything. Cheers
  15. Anybody have any news on what's happening with the daily runs to Cambodia? I've emailed 3 companies, still waiting for a reply but wanted independent advice. I know guy who went to Laos for a brand new TV 2 weeks ago and walked back in without a hitch on his 4th or 5th back to back, which sounds like good news, but I haven't heard anything from anybody else. Still worried about getting locked out.