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  1. Hello Stu....I am going to Pattaya on May 3 till Jue 10...cannot fucking wait!

    1. twotounge


      Hi Geof.

      Good to hear from you mate. I'll also be in Patts 25 April- 10 May, be great to meet up for a beer/chat, sorry about last years, had to shoot off to Hua hin quick,as the wife arrived in Patts when she was supposed to be in Burrium with her folks !!! nightmare, lol.and i got rid of my Thai phone and couldn't call you.

      I'll message you via PA,  Take care mate.


    2. gentleenforcer


      Great stuff Stu...looking forward to seeing you again!

  2. Stayed there for a week last Sept, Luved it, big room, very clean, SUPERB wifi, side entrance [so no walk of shame in the mornings] you can also leave the aircon on in your room so its nice and cool when you return. Also great location Andy the owner, is a real gent, who'll go out of his way to make you welcome. Well worth the money IMO. Booked to stay there for 3 weeks next holiday, really great place.
  3. Found a couple of snaps of the room, gym and pool.
  4. Have stayed there twice, very large rooms,nice big showers,plenty hot water,floor to ceiling mirrors[ if thats a bonus?],great pool nice staff,true wifi is hit and miss. Would have booked again for this Nov,but not taking a chance on the noise from nearby construction site , maybe the building work will have finished by next year?
  5. Why take the chance? i was thinking of booking the Stay for 17 nights in Nov, but have decided to book Lk Royal wing instead, just off Soi Bukaow. No construction noise there that i'm aware off.
  6. Thanks for the update,it seems to be shooting up fast.!!!!
  7. Only stayed in Royal wing,last June and again this Nov,I can recommend ,nice hotel and quite location,
  8. Never stayed there but used their very nice pool.
  9. Booked with Booking. com 40.800 bht for 17 nights in Nov for the delux room, same as Petesie's photo's. Stayed in The Stay soi 10 previously , luv their rooms, floor to ceiling mirrors, great location etc,but with the building work going on next door, I'm not risking being woken early on my holiday.Cheers.
  10. Stayed there for two weeks last June,really enjoyed, as you mentioned, great room,nice pool,my room was spotless clean?.Only gripe was the reception girls were miserable,but I found if you ignore them it solves that. Booked a room there for 3 weeks in Nov.
  11. Thanks for the update, I'm still unsure about booking Seemetoo in Nov, as the building work near VT6 might kick off then??
  12. Any info at the moment with regard to construction noise? thinking of booking See me too for Nov? any thoughts guys.
  13. Any updates on the noise situation in Soi 10,i've booked THE STAY HOTEL for early Sept?? ThanksTT
  14. I passed this hotel in Feb looked around, nice lobby etc,so booked direct for 12 days in Sept for 1880Bht a night.Also looked at Seame2 but went for The Stay as they have a dvd player,i do like to watch a film in the afternoons,and not allways porn.
  15. Stayed there 5 times,only good things to say about the place.