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  1. I was looking at the TF reports and you said you would be in Pats in June so will I what are your dates? I'll be there the 8th to the 25th'


    1. Rocketboy


      Haven't decided if I'm going to leave on June 2nd or 5th. Will be there at least until 23rd. Either way I should be there when you arrive.


    2. BAJA DAVE


      Great we can have a beer or three if your up for it. I'll be staying at

      Nova Park hotel about a 10 minute walk from Soi 6 if I remember I'll put my Thai P# on my profile.


    3. Rocketboy


      Cool sounds good. I'll do the same.


  2. Hotel Suggestions??

    Nova Park 10 minute walk to Soi 6 great rooms, pool
  3. ~800TBH hotel in Pattaya

    I stayed at Nova Park last trip in Feb. highly recommend it 10 minute walk from Soi 6 great people working there, check it out.
  4. Best 1,000THB hotel in town

    I stayed at Nova Park last trip, same group it was great and just a short walk to Soi 6.
  5. For some it may be "THE WALK OF SHAME " but for me it protection against theft or some other scam. I have had reception call my room and ask if Lady can leave? to insure I'm OK.
  6. Transport Bangkok to Pattaya Feb 2017

    I have never used these people before but have booked with them for February trip with 3 people. I booked with the email and gave the needed information but made a mistake on my flight number received an email the next day noting I had put the wrong flight number, so they checked. They told me it was 1300 Baht and I asked is that per person and they said no 1300 for all, sounds good to me we are getting the bigger car. P.T. Taxi Service Pattaya email [email protected] I will be arriving on the 10th of Feb.
  7. Best Value

    Any reviews on Nova Park I stayed there a few years back and it was OK, I want it because it's close to Soi 6.
  8. nova express ?

    I have booked my next trip in Nova Park I stayed there many years ago so hope it's still good also close to Soi 6 $ 26.00 a night.
  9. English Rose discount

    Thanks I looked at the other thread and now I know where it is and will contact you when my plans are made sometime around February time frame.
  10. English Rose discount

    Trying to get my head around where you are located can you post a map or something?
  11. thinking of staying at apex

    I used to stay there every trip I would tell them what room I wanted by email, my last time stayed they put me in a shit room I went to the desk and asked for a different room the Thai guy basically told me to fuck off haven't stayed or ate there since.
  12. AJ I see pictures of my old friend Chicken and it bring back some good times and now I hear she's married. I almost cancelled my trip lucky you talked me out of it. also our old friend Patrick will be showing up around my time frame. Keep the Beer cold and the Lady's hot. Dave
  13. One of the great ones.
  14. Indonesia's Muslim cyber warriors take on IS

    As strange as it may seem I've been to Jakarta and there are some great bars with some great looking lady's in them, they have plenty of Beer, Whiskey etc.