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  1. How you know she left him and any contact info ???

  2. new triton to rent

    Can you advise whT cars you have for minimum 2 months and price, Thanks I'm in Jomtien now and want to rent this week from somewhere...
  3. new triton to rent

    Hi what if anything do you have for rent at 15 k per month for 3 months starting 12 th May.
  4. Low Season Special - Monthly Car Rental for just 15,000 baht

    How much for a Vigo or same 4 door 3 months rental thanks
  5. In support of Key Visa and Darren in particular always over 9 years had fabulous service with utmost professional attitude and application...yes once in a blue moon even for the best of us errors occur of which are not entirely within our control,check out Key Visa,s testimonials online and elsewhere and be reassured....service second to none.
  6. Money transfers to Thailand discrete 1 off or multiple payments at the best possible rates...minimal redtape and questions...all we need is a bank account and name and its there in seconds. Amounts over 1,000,5000,10,000 negotiable fee please ask for quote on fee. Amounts under 1000 flat fee £10. recipients receive same exchange rate as on the ground in Thailand. Bangkok Bank rate prevails on day of transfer. Do you have a requirement to send money urgently or on a regular basis to Thailand. Do you have loved ones who need your cash weekly,monthly or just as a 1 you have immediate business matters that require the best exchange rates as if you where converting your hard earned cash in person at a Thai bank or cash booth...We are a UK based money exchange broker with substantial cash reserves in our Thai bank account sat waiting to be sent to your desired Thai recipient instantly. We are more cost effective and quicker with less detail required than the banks,western union or any other currency sender online or otherwise. Simply deposit your required amount of sterling into our UK bank and we will instantly send to your Thai bank account holder/recipient the same amount of money you would normally get at the Thai banks or money exchanger**** on that day in Thailand. Whats the catch,there is,nt one other than a 1 off flat fee per transaction of £20. Dont be subject to the banks fluctuating currency exchange rates,western unions longwinded data requirements and commisions plus delayed timescales in actually receiving your transfers...we are instant,trustworthy,fully accountable and NOW.
  7. There must be somebody out there with experience lol.....
  8. Hi fellow board members,ex pats or people willing to relocate to Thailand with experience in running residential care homes in your respective countries. I am evaluating the set up of a care home for elderly and or dementia residents in the Pattaya area,this is a serious request to anyone with practical hands on experience/qualifacations in this field either retired in a consultancy role or fully employed within the facility. Please PM me or reply to this post stating current c.v, and circumstances at present. Thanks.
  9. To anybody reading this review I would just like to convey our thanks and gratitude to you Darren and all of your staff in obtaining our recent settlement visa for my wife to the UK. Having used Key Visa periodically over a 9 or so year period I cannot recommend them enough,highly professional straight talking operation with the upmost transparency,once again many many thanks Key Visa, Regards Paul and Noi.
  10. Vic is an arrogant twat,always has been always will be.....
  11. Where Can I get a pool table

    Do you want English pool table or American style pool table,I have a second hand english style 6 foot table for sale at 20k Thxs
  12. Hi Whats the latest price for the job lot and an individual price for the coffee maker....? Paul
  13. Hi I can put you in touch with a reputable UK management Thai financial services company here in Pattaya if you require...they can advise soundly and securely. Regards Paul
  14. Business opportunity for sale

    Whats the bar called please