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  1. Official Thread:

    Its pretty good for the money! ... large rooms, all mod cons, large bathroom, good breakfast, 24/7 shuttle to Pattaya Klang, gym, nice pool (indoor) ... its got everything ... also some good food just outside at small restaurants, many Family Marts/7/11s, also close to Thai BBQ ... l'll be back there again in August.
  2. Stayed there last August .... room good, bathroom good, breakfast not so good, full of Arabs .... hardly any Aussies/Brits/Yanks/Euros
  3. Nick, I hope you remember to post a review as it looks pretty new and nothing on the forums about it. I am staying at Citin Loft (not far from Nova Gold) in January, but if I am not happy there I would consider Nova Gold for my April trip. Reviews say thet there is no hot water at Citin Loft - I hope thats bullshit, a I plan for many showers! So let us know how you get on, thanks.
  4. I would stay there again, I stayed there in 2008. It was good value approx $45 AUD (LOW SEASON), stayed in seaview room - 3rd floor I think. Nice to have a balcony, large flat screen TV, the shower has real hot water (not the luke warm water of many) and the breakfast was pretty good too.
  5. Just stayed at Pars for 2 weeks (August), Top marks from me for 700 baht a night. Good location - quiet at night and easy to get around (80 metres from the baht bus to Walking St and Second Road). Convenient - everything is there food, internet, massage next door, taxi service to/from airport 2 doors down. Got dropped of by Bell Bus and they have it on their drop off list, pickups for golf no problem as they are on the lists. Can't go wrong here, good for newbies as Bernie (Manager) has been in LOS a long time and loves showing newbies the ropes.
  6. This will be the first time I am travelling to Patts in high season. The hotels I usually stay at are now too expensive - high season rates and the crash of the Aussie dollar - so I am looking for recommendations from you guys. I will be there for 7 days so I'd like a bigger than average room with a balcony, and girl friendly of course . I won't need a pool and up to 1500TB per night is affordable. Any suggestions will help me. - THANKS IN ADVANCE
  7. Baboona Beachfront, between Soi3 and 4 were very good but become quite expensive during high season - great in low season.
  8. I've stayed at Sawasdee sea View - Decent size rooms but old, girl friendly, breakfast is ordinary - its cheap but better value can be found. Try Walking Street Guesthouse - it looks better IMHO.