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  1. You can't hear the synagogue in the breakfast room unless someone opens the door between them.
  2. Absolutely none of that during my stay. All places to stay will get other customers that will annoy some people at some point.
  3. Sorry wrong about Tweedledee, obviously it was Lottelee winner.
  4. Honey Inn or H. Boutique?

    Didn't seem over chlorinated to me.
  5. Honey Inn or H. Boutique?

    Certainly not Olympic size but long enough to swim up and down. The other delight of having a paddling pool access room was arriving on a Friday, getting mortal drunk and having the sound of joyous children splashing outside at 8am the next morning.
  6. Honey Inn or H. Boutique?

    I was so excited to have a pool access room at the Maytara but when I got there I found there were two pools one of which was a paddling pool depth for children. Guess which pool my room led out to? Was very impressed with the room though. No breakfast included and wouldn't recommend the western breakfast from the restaurant at the front of the hotel.
  7. Excellent value for money at under 1000 baht. Quality of rooms is very good, breakfast was different but intriguing as there appears to be a synagogue going on in the room next door. There are reviews of the place on the forum if you search, think it was Tweedledee who started it.
  8. The Worst Hotel in Thailand for P-A Members?

    And to spare anyone else googling it here's a definition... In its ancient usage a catamite (Latin catamitus) was a pubescent boy who was the intimate companion of a young man in ancient Greece and Rome, usually in a pederastic relationship. It was usually a term of affection and literally means "Ganymede" in Latin.
  9. Location? It's on the beach road baht bus circuit so walk out of the front and jump on one. Getting back it is a lottery as to whether you baht bus is going to drop you off outside or shoot up Naklua. Excellent pool with a good swim up bar. We stayed in one of the executive rooms so had breakfast in the club room and jolly nice it was too. If you stay in the rooms with access to the club room cocktail hour they do lovely canapés and there's enough drink knocking around to sink a ship. Actually I think I lied about the room, we booked an executive room but got upgraded to a duplex suite which was fantastic.
  10. New Plaza Hotel

    Is it NP Residence? Definitely has residence in the name. If you get a good price then they are excellent rooms.
  11. Basic Facts to Review your Hotel

    To be honest people should be free to write reviews as they wish about things they have opinions about. If you've no opinion on the quality of bed linen, which may be important to some, there's no point in you trying to do so. Plus you'll end up with pedants spending more time spotting omissions than anything else.
  12. Basic Facts to Review your Hotel

    Yup and I don't fancy reading reviews in list format all the time.
  13. Be careful booking here they have some none suite rooms that are in another block across the small Soi that runs down to the LK Royal Wing that are definitely not value for money.
  14. Another vote for J&P court. Very similar to Opey de Place but better rooms, IMHO. They don't sell through the usual web based agencies and if it is a busy period you need someone to pop in with a couple of thousand deposit for you.
  15. Visa free travel for Thai citizens

    The wife and I, different surnames on passport, took her sons, 12 & 14 years old with their father's surname on passport, and her sister's daughter, 13 and yet another surname, to Indonesia on holiday and immigration did not bat an eyelid. There was a bit of messing around getting the passports due to dead and absent fathers but solved without too many problems.