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  1. The wife and I, different surnames on passport, took her sons, 12 & 14 years old with their father's surname on passport, and her sister's daughter, 13 and yet another surname, to Indonesia on holiday and immigration did not bat an eyelid. There was a bit of messing around getting the passports due to dead and absent fathers but solved without too many problems.
  2. That's not even a paid for reservation in the OP.
  3. Worst troll ever, the OP not you.
  4. Heh, you are quite correct. Forgot I'd posted that.
  5. Did I post a review on this board? Can't remember. Here's my experience anyway. Arrived at 15:30 on the 12th of January and as they were a bit busy at reception Mrs Thinkingallowed and I wandered in to the, empty, restaurant to look at the very impressive fish tank. What wasn't impressive was the buckets catching drips from some leaks in the ceiling. Eventually checked in which took a little bit longer than usual during which three people came to make complaints about their rooms. Never mind we got an upgrade and was told breakfast was included, we'd booked room only after hearing reports on the food. Plus given a card for a complimentary cocktail to be taken anytime during our stay. The hotel looks really cool and as it was the last three days of my month long trip I so wanted to enjoy it. The bedroom was, at first glance, nice with a very comfortable bed and first class linen on it. Balcony overlooking the pool had a couple of nice chairs and a small table but no ashtray. Previous people in the room had been tossing their cigarette butts over the glass screen onto the ledge on the other side and no attempt was made to clean this mess while we were there. Nice view of the pool though but unfortunately we could see that the slides at the hotel end of the pool were not in operation as they hadn't been finished. The room looked really cool but by the end of the stay it and the hotel started to annoy me. The shower wasn't like the one above and to be honest it was a terrible design as you had to push the door in get into the corner and squeeze the door past you. This would have been quite difficult for a larger lad than me. The alternative was pull the door open and let water drip from the door onto the bedroom floor as Mrs Thinkingallowed found out when she showered after me. The free toiletries were pretty good but quite small and not replaced during our stay. I thought it was good that the toilet was separate from the shower but some of the finishing in there was terrible and it had begun to smell by the third day. The aircon leaked but by God it worked well. When the room had been decorated the guy doing the ceiling must have got emulsion everywhere and didn't do a good job of cleaning it up. There were light smears of it on the walls and wardrobe doors. On the second day we left about 11am remembering to put the light on outside the room to say we want the room made up and returned three and a half hours later. Never mind the maid was doing next door and we still had our free cocktails to have. So down to the poolside. To be honest there was nothing to like or dislike about the Azure cocktail we were given, it was just a bit meh. What we didn't like was the increasingly awful smell coming from some blocked toilet. Can't imagine the pool would get much sun and when they fill all those condos I imagine it could get busy there. The next morning Mrs Thinkingallowed was off out early to eat som tam with some friends so I thought I'd try the free breakfast I was told about at check in. As there had been bad reviews I thought I'm going to make sure it is free as asked and was told no I had to pay. This would have really annoyed me had I been billed for something I was told was complimentary earlier. There was just lots of little things that just did my head in by the time they all added up. Minibar content not the same as the minibar price list. No menu for room service, well there was but it was on channel 1 on the TV and I found that most annoying. Basically the hotel wasn't finished and where it was they had rushed to get it open, it appeared. The buckets catching drips in the restaurant were still there when we left after three nights. I'd have to get some glowing reports back from people I trust before I'd stay again.
  6. Don't know what to say here. Can you give examples of bikes of this age that are available at your price range in Thailand?
  7. R-Con Residence 365 M. 9 Soi Buakao Nongprue Banglamung Chonburi 20150 Tel: 0 3842 1534, 0 3842 1274 Fax: 0 3842 8795 E-mail:
  8. Not sure if I missed them or not but the best rate I could find down there was at the green super rich.
  9. As far as I know, or at least what Mrs Thinkingallowed tells me, with the SCB there's no fee when I send international transfers that arrive already converted to Thai Baht.