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  1. The hotel I stay a does it all the time (is fully booked on their website but has rooms on agoda). Once you book with agoda you will be guaranteed the room. I have even been at the hotel and wanted to extend my stay and they told me to go onto agoda and do it.
  2. You haven't turned chinese have you. That's pretty much what the chinese business people do in Australia. Work there asses off and live like paupers until they have made it. Not my philosphy though. I reckon if you've got it spend it. You could get hit by a bus tomorrow.
  3. I rang up Brisbane consulate last week to inquire about a multi entry visa. I told them I am self employed and regularly visit my girlfriend in thailand. They said just bring in proof of money in the bank and cash of $225 for visa (they dont have eftpos).Typical thai, I bet that money goes straight into their pocket. BTW I got pulled up at immigration at swampy last time using the visa exempt (visa on arrival?) thingy. They told me because I went to thailand 6 times last year I had been "flagged" and should get the Multi entry visa next time
  4. I am currently in pattaya and want to send money from my australian bank account (CBA) to my kasikorn bank account. Never done this before I have heard you get the best rate if you send in aussie dollars (which CBA has the option with internet banking to do, but has a note saying make sure if sending in AUD the receiving bank will accept the AUD) but I only have a thai baht savings account with Kasikorn - not a AUD account. So my question is.... will Kasikorn accept the AUD and convert it into thai baht here at the going rate (today 26.39) and deposit it into my thai currency account. Amount $5000. Also how long does this normally take I have been to the Kasikorn bank in Pattaya Klang today who palmed me off to the international transfer hotline who confused me more. Hopefully someone on PA who has done this before can enlighten me. Cheers
  5. I have rented off roger many times (always a honda click). Not sure of the age but the clicks always look near new and always in perfect condition. Whats so special about a 2016 one may i ask?
  6. Basically the FTSE shares are now cheaper for foreign companies to invest in. So there will be a net flow into the FTSE from external sources, and therefore it goes up
  7. Sutus 1 rooms are newly renovated and bigger, and more expensive. Work your way back from there to sutus 5 on quality and price. All rooms have access to the pools
  8. I have stayed at this hotel many times and never been charged a joiner fee. In fact taken 2 girls back to the room on a few occasions. The suites are perfect for parties. Must only be a recent policy change. I was there about 4 months ago from memory.
  9. If you are genuine I think Jason at Lalaland bar in soi 6 is looking for a manager.
  10. Hey Blue Dragon. Are you still renting bikes out. I will be in pattaya in May and would like to rent a bike for a few weeks
  11. Give the guy a break. I am pretty sure all the bike rental companies have the same deal - minimal insurance. He is renting the bikes out for 85 baht per day and you want full comprehensive insurance. What a joke What are you going to do if you slip over in a bar during songkran - sue the bar owner. Good luck with that
  12. Hakuna - you are getting your pattayas and patongs mixed up. It has a good view of patong beach Looks awesome. How much did you pay per night? I stayed in patong in January and couldn't get a tuk tuk for under 300 baht. Does the hotel have a deal with the local taxis/tuk tuks
  13. They do that so the asians can swim and not be in the sun. I have stayed in a few hotels like that. Never understood why the pool was always in the shade until someone explained it to me. Not that many asians swim anyway - but their kids do