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  1. I don't know the answer to that .. but if you take a look here .. http://thailand-uk.com/forums There will probably be an answer there. This site deals mainly with the UK, but I imagine that the visa requirements will be broadly similar. Most important thing is do NOT tell any outright lies on the application forms ... if you are caught, then it's very difficult to apply for another visa, there's a note made in your file.
  2. One more point that no one has covered .. you need to show 'reason to return' in your application. This covers many things, but the idea is that she has something to make her return to Thailand after the visit .. job, property, land .. Good luck
  3. Al, you need you wish your girls good luck for the Chinese new year ... its the year of the cock 555
  4. After a struggle to get the right people to start the renovations, I'm happy to see that it's turned out well. Good luck with the rooms. The mail above says rooms from 1,000 baht just down the road .... It's worth noting that 300 baht is almost 6 beers in triangle, and (from a blurry memory) 4 or 5 beers in the bar ... I'm certainly not a cheap charlie (before anyone says anything), but the beers are a consideration .. The girls in the bar aren't too shabby either
  5. I'm sure that it doesn't work like that. Your 60 day visa continues to run with the end date as stamped when you arrive. Your 60 day visa is single entry and the re-entry visa bypasses that limitation. re-entry is a separate visa