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  1. I have phoned the Child Benefits Agency this morning, and was referred back to the home office for advice, has the CBA didnt want to put the sons visa at risk, with his ID saying no public funds, rang the Home Office and chatted to them, told them about information on their site, that claim that you can get Child Benefit if the children are on a visa which is is sponsored, which they both are, so putting an application in to try lol
  2. That should read family 1 not family 2 but both visas were successful on appeal
  3. Just an update, on family 2, home office didn't appeal, within the time, both families have there children here, all came at xmas. It is about sole responsibility, and if you get the right information, from teachers, doctors, family proof of support and creative writing etc, you can get them here. Just a quick note lol, the judges at the appeals were Asian
  4. A similar friends GF visa she had no money in any accounts and it was turned down on him not having enough money in his accounts to support her on the 2nd application he showed £4,000 in an account to support her while she was here, visa granted
  5. Just a bit of information - I have been involved in putting 2 applications together for UK Child Settlements Visa, - Family 1 - Mother has been in the UK for 8 years, UK Passport holder, 2 daughters aged 14 - 16 at the time of application, living with grandparents, Initial application refused by Embassy, on ground of Sole Responsibility and the lack of visits made to Thailand to see the children. They appealed in the UK cost £140, Barristers fees of £2000, on appeal they won their case, only for the Home Office to re-appeal, waiting for appeal and outcome, total time taken so far 18 months Family 2, Mother has been in the UK for 7 years, UK Passport holder, 3 children, but only 1 visa applied for, 1 girl aged 16 at the time of application. Again initial application refused on the same grounds, and that she only wanted to bring the daughter, Appeal last month, won the appeal, same application fee, and £1000 barrister fees. Appeal stands no re-appeal by the Home Office. daughter now 17 and flies here at Christmas. Every situation is different, and if you can get the right information, from the right people, then nothing is impossible
  6. £500 paid on top of the visa cost, not only when she comes to the UK, but also, on further FLR visas while she is here,
  7. I borrowed 20k, from Tescobank, U.K., told them it was for home improvements, tried my bank, Lloyds wouldn't do it for me to build here, after I told them what I wanted to do, funny they keep asking me now to transfer the loan to them, now it's built, has its now classed has refinancing lol
  8. Back in Korat again to finish house, well some of it, happy to say it's still standing and we have no squatters apart from the wasp nest at the back eaves, and everyone here to scared to move them. Trying to finish small jobs and find some furniture. Which is proving difficult, for the time, Thais don't want to take my money lol. Went to index in Korat, to order sofa and bedroom furniture for spare room. After being made guilty for prising a sales assistant of her phone, she started to show us around. Long story short, we found a sofa and bedroom suite, 60,000 baht for both, sofa, and suite consisting of bed, mattress, wardrobe, dressing table, stool. Completing paper work asked when delivery could be, she replied the wardrobe you have seen is not the one your getting with the suite. Wtf , ok where is the wardrobe we are getting I asked, her reply we haven't got one until The end of August. How can we buy a suite if we don't know what we're getting, all I get is a blank look, OK then when can we have the rest delivered, her reply 7 days, wife wants it next day lol. Ok how much delivery 1000 baht, for first 60km, were 75km away, driver tell you how much when he get there, for additional 15km. What about wardrobe that come in August , that extra 1000 baht and more for the 15km. Your not being very helpful, here, you want 1000 baht for delivery of part of the order, you haven't got , lol, lol at me with blank face. Let me speak to manager, so off she went not happy. Wife just look at me and say Thai like this. 10 mins no manager, so girl come back and say, we can do for 500 baht, delivery. Told her no thanks and walked away. We ended up getting from somewhere in big c , with next day delivery. Just finished painting living room and waiting for sofa, biggest regret had to go back, to index for coffee table, which we liked, but could get elsewhere. Photos of living room so far, and the last pic, the look I am after. Brother in law doing the cupboards and tv stand, identical to the one in the picture, I hope. Off to pattaya Friday till mon so should be finished before I go back on the 4 th. Start our bedroom on Tues. you can see the wife's contribution of the lighting, still not sure lol
  9. Ok try again, lol, I agree she doesn't need a visa, has she has a UK passport, so the visas, in her old passport would have expired, so can't be transferred, has she doesn't need one, they wouldn't issue her with one lol. No problem entering Thailand on her Thai passport, if she returns to the Uk after 30 days , using her UK passport, would she be stopped at Bangkok airport has being an overstayer, I.e 30 days. If she returns back to the UK on her Thai passport, with no visas in, because she doesn't need one, can she use her UK passport has prove of residence, at immigration at the arrival UK airport whilst travelling on her Thai passport lol
  10. Friends wife has a Thai, & UK passports, the Thai passport has just been renewed at Thai Embassy, in London, lost the old one, so visa,s etc not in new passport. If she travels to Thailand on her Thai passport, and enters the UK on her UK passport, will she be stopped at Bangkok, has an overstayer. Can she enter and return on her Thai passport, and then produce her UK passport at immigration back in the UK, to prove residency
  11. There's plenty about, been offered many, around 5000/6000 baht per night, just maybe find one a little bit cheaper on here lol
  12. looking for a 4/5 bedroom house, with swimming pool for 3 nights around 21/22 July. Pattaya jomtien area, any ideas with prices