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  1. As an airline employee who works international flights daily you are absolutely correct. Some agents will ask, some won't. If we ask you will have to provide an onward ticket or the correct documentation.
  2. Happened to me in March, fined 1000bht. Two days over.
  3. That is true as to what you say about the pension system at PBGC. I'm happy with the four digit amount I get each month, not concerned or care about what I would have received. Does me no good wondering about what could be.
  4. Been staying there for 2 years now, stayed at Sea Me Spring before. I love this place and the location. Pic #3 is my office , that's where I sit every morning have coffee and write my live TR's. I also sit there at times during the day and early evening before I hit the streets. It's a great place to people watch and even pick up a girl or two. Never paid that much, I get the Long Stay special they offer, if you look on their website you will see that rates for each season. The staff is very friendly they now call me by my name, I'm there every 3-4 months for at least 20 days. I have always extended my stay by a couple of days or more, the front desk staff kids me and say "you should just have an open end reservation". No problems staying longer if I want. The girls in the restaurant even rate the girls I bring sometimes! 555! Only been with one of the girls across the soi at the massage place (had her come up to the room), have gotten friendly with the others, as well as the girls in the salon.
  5. You're welcome to do research on USairways and PBGC. USAirways did file and come out of bankruptcy in 2002 and 2005. I know what I have been receiving monthly from PBGC since I took early retirement in 2008!
  6. My previous airline USAirways never went under. I started with them in the early 80's, in the late 80's they merged with Piedmont and PSA. I left in 2004, in 2005 they merged with America West. They recently merged with American making them the largest airline in the world. Delta who I work for held that title for a time, we are now number 2.
  7. What's Calpers, I looked the word up and its the California Public Employee Retirement System, is that what you mean? I'm not and have never been a public employee for the State of California. My pension which I collect at this time is from another airline that I worked at for 20 plus years and is provided by the PBGC. I started collecting that at 55, six years ago. There have been no issues at PBGC, and I don't see why there should in be the future....but that's not something I can foresee!
  8. Never been there, and not sure what LA in The PI is. Been to Manila, AC, Cebu and a couple of other places. I'm sure its not better than LA or any place in Southern Cali! LA is home... so I'm bias! I'm assuming you've been to and spent some time in LA before to make that comment.
  9. xfreak0000 what country do you live in, cause it sure wouldn't be cheaper here! From looking at different websites that list condos for rent in Pattaya, for what I want I'd be paying almost 400usd less than I'm paying now! Even if I retire here I'd probably be paying about the same unless I lived in one of those senior living apartments. I think I'd be paying more for food, utilities, etc! I don't believe retiring here or at least where I would want to live...LA, would be cheaper than Thailand! With my pension and SS I'll be looking at well over 80,000usd, I don't drink, will not and would not want to be out partying and chasing girls every night! I believe that would be enough for me and the type of lifestyle I require. If others who live there think otherwise then I stand corrected!
  10. Hey guys, I have a female friend who going to BKK for the first time. She was asking me about hotels, anyone have info on these as far as location, proximity to the trains, etc. She's going to mainly be sightseeing and shopping. Alt Hotel Nana, Galleria 10 Hotel, Hotel Solo Sukhumvit 2, Isanook Residence. She's going to be there for one week. Thx to all.
  11. Excellent video! The one in the red dress 245-256 is a lady boy, she's always out on Walking St. She is gorgeous, I talked to her one night, not into lb's but damn she looks good in person. Nearly bit the bullet and if I ever did it would probably be with her. That body is banging! Who knows maybe one day, just saying..... "what happens in Pattaya stays in Pattaya". Well maybe not cause if I did I'd probably tell you fuckers! LOL
  12. you're welcome, yea if you can do without a sofa I'm sure you will like the rooms on the third floor they are new, modern and clean. the pool is on the floor as well.
  13. I stayed at Bay Breeze for the first time this past Feb. Before that I always stayed at Sea Me Spring, I like a sofa in my room as well. After looking online at the rooms at Bay Breeze I chose the Superior because it had a sofa and at a decent price for the long stay special. The problem was the sofa was kind of dirty, I sucked it up and stayed in the room. I don't know about the other rooms on the 5th floor, but 507 is outdated and old, not what I like but for some reason I stayed in the room. Last month I stayed there again, because the Superior rooms have sofas. They gave me the same room 507, I swear the same stains were on the sofa. Couldn't suck it up this time, so I changed rooms to the third floor which has new modern rooms. No sofa, but I suffered through it, the room was really nice, large bed, large walk in shower, flat screen on the wall, wood floors, clean. I'll chose that floor again in Sep. They were remodeling the rooms on I think the 7th floor, don't know if they'll be ready or will have a sofa when you get there. Construction was going on from 1-5pm.