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  1. I stopped to the visa shop mentioned above. They claim they can still provide service for an extension. 4,000 all in. I'll pop in another day to see if if get the same answer.
  2. I'm confused, 1400 for an LK property seems about right. 750 is pretty low end especially at peak season. Sandy Spring is showing availablity Try China Garden. If the new place is open, they may have availability.
  3. The TT exchange at this location has lock boxes. It's map is too old to show it. But if you stroll by here you'll see it. https://goo.gl/maps/56sWeS58sGJ2
  4. I don't recall seeing a visa shop in that spot. Guess I'll pay more attention next time.
  5. What was the name of the agent who was on Lk? He advertised on here for a while.
  6. Last time I used the paid invoice for the hotel. Seemed to work fine. I ran into a problem at Surin though. My hotel was in Burriram. They said I needed an address in Surin. I checked into a local hotel for the night and used that address the next day. You're right guys I'm probably making more of this then I need to. I'll look for the Visa service next door. Last year they were using the number system at Jomtien,, but they just had a bucket of numbers. it wasn't in any sequential order. I got #173, the next guy got #2. It was a cluster from beginning to end.
  7. I suspect it's luck of the draw on being busy or not. Last year I spent most of the day at Jomtien. The year before I spent all day at Surin. I guess I just need to suck it up along with a thousand other guys. Back to the original questions. What is that third form we need ?
  8. Oh ya forgot about the camera. Guess I'll just bring a book and lunch.
  9. Well, being the person I am, I like to fill them out and print them before I leave home. Striderman, do you know if it's possible to have the paperwork carried in for me?
  10. Last year I went to Jomtien for my 30 day extension with a 60 day tourist visa stamp. I had the TM7 & Photo. Got it checked by one of the guys at the copy shop. Got in side and was promptly turned back to fill out an additional form. I can't remember what that additional form was. What should I have with me when I go this year? Also, is it possible to have one of the copy shop guys carry my application in for me. (for a fee) Last time I spent half the day inside, standing room only. Elbow to elbow with a bunch of surly, sweaty guys. There must be a better way.
  11. I recall somebody posting this was a problem. Couldn't remember who. Could have been AJ. I sent an email to the Consulate straight away. Have not gotten a response. I doubt I will. It's not likely the same guys who put it there are going to admit it was a mistake. The brain trust on Thaivisa think it shouldn't be a problem. But I'll try to get confirmation from the Consulate.
  12. I just got my passport back from the Chicago Consulate, They put my Visa stamp on an Endorsement page not on a Visa page. Am I going to have problems when I enter through Bangkok?
  13. Sandy spring would be an excellent choice. https://goo.gl/Aswnwq
  14. Sandy Spring. http://www.sandyspringhotel.com/