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  1. Isn't that what I was saying?...lol
  2. I don't for a second believe that their system is unable to accommodate such things. It is the banks themselves (as far as customer service is concerned) that are stuck so far in the past that it is beyond a joke. Sometimes doing what should be simple things takes the shuffling of a stupid number of bits of paper...lol
  3. I guess what I found was for a different account type. The charge is a rip-off anyway.
  4. Are you sure about that? Most (all?) Thai banks have an ATM withdrawal charge if you use machines outside of the province in which you opened the account. A quick search found that their charge is 15 Baht (link).
  5. If an airline says that it is OK you are probably good to go as they are liable to look after the passenger should they ignore some law. Never trust a Thai's advice if it is not associated with something that they work with. Even if they do work in the area be cynical of the advice until you decide that they are competent.
  6. You can get details here. When I did it a number of years ago it was a pain in the arse.
  7. I think you will be OK with a small risk of being told on the third entry for the year that you will need a visa for the next visit. However keep in mind that you may be unlucky and get a grumpy immigration officer. Once you leave Thailand the 30 day stay you was given is dead.
  8. Perhaps it might be possible to use a Thai debit card to pay the bill each month. If possible this is probably the easiest and cheapest option.
  9. I have seen brochures in Pattaya that indicated that there was insurance offered by Thai companies. If you can't find anything get her to contact AA Insurance as that is where I saw them.
  10. If I have it right the embassy has good reason for believing that something was not right. You say that the business closed the day before the day that she told the embassy that she last worked (ie on the day she told them she last worked the business was already closed). That tells them that she was dishonest giving them good reason to suspect that at least a part of the application was fraudulent. Given that I would say the chances of her getting a visa in the near future is very slim unless you can prove that their conclusion was incorrect. One way forward might be to contact them and explain what happened and ask what steps you could take to verify what you are claiming is truthful. This might involve getting a statement from the business owner.
  11. This was pointed out to me by BM david555 I know that some Australians rely on stat decs to prove their incomes for visa extensions and the like. I also know that they have been lax in verifying the claimed incomes. However, it appears that the embassy now requires evidence of you income before they will sign the stat dec. The following was posted on the Honorary Consul in Chiang Mai's Facebook page: Australians – Please Take Note Changes to Obtaining an Income Statutory Declaration Many Australians use Notarial services of the Embassy Consular team in Bangkok or the bimonthly Outreach Program to Chiang Mai to complete documentation for their annual Thai visa renewals. The Australian Embassy has advised that if you complete and are signing a Statutory Declaration claiming a monthly income amount in support of a retirement or other visa, you must now provide proof of that income such as a bank, Superannuation or Centrelink statement to Consular staff.
  12. That's because they want to sell you their services. You do have an Australian passport?
  13. The simple answer with your plan is that you don't need any visa for Thailand. You will have no problem using the visa waiver scheme.
  14. When would you be returning to Thailand? This would dictate whether a 12 month extension of stay is a viable option. I have never heard of someone get an extension for only a couple of weeks. If I am reading it correctly the visa that you have allows 90 day stays. A number of years ago they used to stamp mine indicating that the stays could not be extended.