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  1. Get a high as floor as possible or you gona be well pissed off with our Indian Brother's making shit loads of noise and being cnuts as often a lot choose this Hotel You have been warned
  2. I still been using arrival level taxis although hard now to get through one way barriers and still 59 percent of time end up rejecting set fees
  3. I think you mean only part demolished and shut for months ☺
  4. But their is however some bleating men who act like fucking little girls so he might ☺☺☺
  5. Now this is funny ☺☺☺☺
  6. Was there through circumstances last month having given the place a miss last few years all I can say is lot of Arab and Indian noisy cunts whom whilst there were making a racket and cooking on pots in rooms I left after 3 nights before I decked my neighbours
  7. Yep noisy as fuck with many moving into LK REN or LK Metropole Main issue is the Bang Bang of pile driver and various times of day from am to pm mind you last week seems quiet in afternoons
  8. Wasn't too bad the other week just the banging of pile drivers that started sometimes earlyish
  9. Any dates 30th oct until 10 November?
  10. Still clear building works with that great fuck off Jack hammer going noisy as fuck presently both in the side Soi and front which seems to be almost ripped the part facing second road Was in the sportsman the other day was so noisy floating from back of Soi moved inside as further works being done just up from LK hotel