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  1. Yeah better nightlife there but mainly farang girls, not a lot of Thai girls.
  2. Couple of comments about Ao Nang: - night life is limited, really only 2 areas as highlighted in the attached map. Had some good fun there, and some gems to be found. But it ain't Pattaya and scene is small. - I stayed at Cha Wan resort. https://www.tripadvisor.com.au/Hotel_Review-g1507054-d1170840-Reviews-Cha_Wan_Resort-Ao_Nang_Krabi_Town_Krabi_Province.html Not sure if fit your budget but from memory it was cheap. I always rent a motorbike but walking would still be ok although probably not ideal location if you want to me right in the middle of all the action (which is limited anyway). Can highly recommend this hotel. Nice and quiet, good service, nice big rooms and excellent value for money. Sounds like your upcoming trip will be a blast. Enjoy!
  3. It ain't coming cheap... it can be an expensive journey although stat decs and certified copies are free (in most cases). Translations aren't. Also need to pay for police checks and health checks. And for some other documents your missus might need (name change etc).
  4. Yeah good site. I think a few of the guys I know have used it. Well done for putting that together.
  5. Prices are on the immi website. It ain't that much. Couple of hundred or thereabouts. First visitors visa I did via agency. Second one myself. In my opinion you can easily do it yourself. But you don't want to mess up your first one and might not be easy for the girl to arrange it all herself. Agency charge probably around 20k baht (from memory) plus application fee.
  6. Lodged PMV in Apr-2015 and got visa grant in late Feb-2016, about 11 months. Seems current processing time is still 10-12 months for offshore applications.
  7. Applied for prospective marriage visa first which took about 11 months to get and from memory was around $5500-6000. Then once married applied for partner visa which was another $1150 but this one took about 2 weeks to get result.
  8. Hey guys, For those that need info on how to get an Australian visa for your Thai girl - feel free to contact me. I've successfully done several visitors visas for her and also her permanent resident visa which she got approved earlier this week. I am thinking if there are enough guys interested to set up a LINE group so we can share info. Add me on LINE. My ID is mikethai. Any questions, don't hesitate to reach out. Cheers, Mike Ps. Just to clarify, I don't have my own business nor do I ask for any fees or any reimbursement. I am just an individual who wants to help
  9. Yes stayed there. As said several threads about this already. My stay there was just average - nothing special. Had a room facing Soi Lengkee and was pretty loud.
  10. April is fine and as said before it's very central. Take the baht bus on second road to go to Soi 6, or walk to Soi 6. Or take the baht bus on Klang after you've crossed second road and that will bring you to beach road where they turn left to go towards walking streets. Getting attached by Soi dogs or ladyboys - that can happen anywhere in Pattaya... There are 2 ways to get to April suites: you either take the little Soi on second street. That little Soi can be a little bit dark and has some motorbike taxi dudes hanging outside and the occasional Soi dog. Or you can use the August suites entrance on Pattaya Klang, walk past the reception, leave August suites by back door and within a few steps you're at April. I didn't experience that the beds were too hard, but they're certainly firm. It is a matter of taste tho.
  11. Yes I've stayed here before (but won't be staying again). Yes Jacuzzi takes a little while to fill up but it's not too bad. You can just arrange with the hotel staff that they fill it up for you if you give them advanced noticed. So if you see a nice bird you want to take a bath with, call the hotel and they can fill it up for you. So by the time you arrive in your hotel room they jacuzzi is filled with nice hot water. Not sure if they still offer this service but for a few baht I am sure they will Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. You could consider Season Five as well - on Soi 5. Depends on budget tho Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. August suites would be my choice. Getting a lounger depends on how busy it will be and December could be pretty busy... August much better than Areca imho
  14. You been there before? Keen to get some feedback - especially on how "isolated" it really is. Looking at the map it shouldn't be too far from second road?
  15. I was just looking at that hotel. Is it guest-friendly or do they have a joiner-fee? Thank you.