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  1. Asia After Dark are looking for Sales staff to join their company. You need to be outgoing, confident and have a nice manner with people. If you have experience selling and enjoy working off your own initiative as well as being a team player then get in touch. http://www.asiaafterdark.net/job-opportunities/
  2. Official Thread:

    The girls are great but the Owner is a tosser! Have been going there for years, regularly as well having lived here the last two years, but when I took my friends there recently, having done our thing we left, however, the Owner was stood in the doorway talking, so I politely said excuse me, to which he either ignored or didn't hear, I asked him again and without any response I gently pushed him to one side. This sparked a reaction at which point I told him I had already asked him to move twice and irrespective of that, who stands in the bloody doorway! We exchanged verbal differences and then as we were 20 yards away from his club he opened the door and called me a cunt! In true Thai fashion his little body guard picked up a metal bar from the A Frame Stand outside (remember this!) and threatened me, I speak a high enough level of Thai to tell him what had happened which he was cool with and we left it at that. However, the spineless little twat of an Owner hid away back inside...................so, enjoy the club for what it is and for the fun you can have, as for the Owner, he probably made the mistake of thinking i am just a two week tourist and that our paths will never cross, hmmmm, think again!
  3. The main point is you will need a work visa and that's easier said than done, unless of course you have a Company over here that is prepared to get you a visa? If you work the streets as mentioned before, you will upset the Thai street vendours, not in your best interest.....especially if your here for just a few weeks?
  4. Why are you selling your bike?
  5. PLEASE don't use Google or Bing, they are hopeless. I can read and write in Thai as well as speak and the translation these services provide is poor and very inaccurate, trust me!
  6. Preferably night ones as this is where my camera fails
  7. Can you post a few pictures on here you've taken so we can see the quality please?
  8. Site is still locked down?
  9. Don't suppose you know their name do you as I am possibly needing to shift stuff to the uk and the post office charge 2,500THB for 5kgs!
  10. Hi Kevin, I sent you an email but it was returned back? I need a bike again for when I return on 25th this month . I am now out in Soi Siam Country Club, can you give me an email to send info to please. Cheers Trev, Paradise, Soi 7 Jomtien
  11. Cool, as long as it can get my big arse and my nit noi GF around then that's good for me........thank you!