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  1. I also have used Keyvisa for this letter for several years now. Great service saving me having to go to the embassy in BKK twice, once to take the papers and once to collect the letter a few days later.
  2. In Udon they print form from computer and ask you to sign it. Then they cut off part of it and staple it into your passport, had to sign the form for long time now but still can be done in a few minutes, usually.
  3. I also have had to sign the form for the ninety days every time I go to immigration. As always the rules seem to be applied differently in different immigration offices and also by different staff there.
  4. It is facts like this that just go to show that there is no conformity between immigration officers in Thailand. It seems that you just have to take pot luck sometimes.
  5. It does make things so much easier if you get a visa before you leave your own country if you plan to stay more then the thirty days.
  6. You need to get the re-entry permit before you leave Thailand or else you visa or extension is terminated straight away and you will have to start all over again.
  7. Yes it most definitely is. One good thing, lady that used to cause many of the problems has been noticeably absent the last couple of times I have been there, things seem more rational at the moment, hope it stays that way.
  8. Best thing they can do is to get a file and put everything in it to do with any marriage, divorce or anything else remotely connected with their life. You just do not know what they will ask for so go prepared. I have translated copies of many things but immigration seem to accept things in English as well as Thai or have I just been lucky with my papers!
  9. After having married visa extensions for several years they suddenly wanted to see my wife divorce papers from her previous marriage which had ended many years ago. This was not too bad as she had all the documents at home but it did entail a return journey of over 200K`s just to get them. The next one was more of a problem, they wanted to see the letter from the British embassy that said I had the right to marry and was not already married! This paper was deposited with the people that actually married us in Bangkok when we were married. They always keep this document in their office with all other details about your marriage. I had to go to BKK to the office where we were married many years before and ask them for a copy of the said document. They could not believe that immigration would ask for such a thing and had never heard of it before. Fortunately I took a couple of photos taken in the office when we married, showed them to the lady and she said it was her boss that married us. He and several other staff appeared and had a chat with me, very sociable and nice. Then the lady said she would get the document for me, it might take a while to find. She came back after about five minutes with the paper and several copies, asked if I wanted the original and would I like copies as well. She kept one copy and gave me the rest, best and most pleasant service I have ever had in any place in Thailand. Asked how much and she said everything free of charge, happy to help and apologised for the immigration service and their strange request. Not heard of other people being asked for things like this but then I bet there have been other strange requests by immigration officials as they have the right to ask for virtually anything they want.
  10. This is all correct but there is also a comment on the forms adding " and any other documents that the immigration officer asks for " Do not leave the application until the last minute in case they ask for something else that you had not thought of. In my case they have asked for two things that were not on the list even though I had married visa extensions for several years before. Both of them delayed the application as they were difficult to sort out, one needed a trip to BKK to the relevant office for paperwork.
  11. British or Irish visa

    Not knowing all the details of why there was a refusal it is difficult to to predict what will happen. If I was in this situation ( and I was once ) I would go and talk to Darren at Keyvisa in Pattaya. He is a visa expert for UK and N.I. and I am sure he would be able to advise you on what to do. Obviously he charges for his work but He has helped me so much in the past that I confidently recommend trying him. All contact details are on internet, Keyvisa.
  12. For passports with less than a year validity, I presume the same applies to the THB 3,800 multiple-entry endorsement, which I did not purchase. . Multiple or single re-entry stamp expires when the visa or visa extension expires,it can not be carried over.
  13. Flipper Lodge Soi 8

    Not stayed there for a few years but when we did we liked it a lot. Even the breakfast was good, a decent variety of foods and well cooked. If I wasn`t living on my pension now it would be one of the top three decent and not too pricey places that I would choose to stay in Pattaya.
  14. Nature View Hotel

    Stay there when ever my wife accompanies me to Pattaya, a decent enough hotel. It must be popular as there are often no rooms available if you leave it to last minute to book. Have a couple of UK friends that swear by it and stay there every year.
  15. It was in Udon Thani. Don`t know if it makes any difference but mine was just a straight transfer from passport about to expire to the new replacement one.