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  1. For passports with less than a year validity, I presume the same applies to the THB 3,800 multiple-entry endorsement, which I did not purchase. . Multiple or single re-entry stamp expires when the visa or visa extension expires,it can not be carried over.
  2. Not stayed there for a few years but when we did we liked it a lot. Even the breakfast was good, a decent variety of foods and well cooked. If I wasn`t living on my pension now it would be one of the top three decent and not too pricey places that I would choose to stay in Pattaya.
  3. Stay there when ever my wife accompanies me to Pattaya, a decent enough hotel. It must be popular as there are often no rooms available if you leave it to last minute to book. Have a couple of UK friends that swear by it and stay there every year.
  4. It was in Udon Thani. Don`t know if it makes any difference but mine was just a straight transfer from passport about to expire to the new replacement one.
  5. Long story but took my new passport and the old expired one to immigration to have the visa stamp transfered to new passport. Staff at immigration demanded that I paid for it but I knew it was a free service, they would not give me back my passports still demanding money from me. I walked out, went home which is a long way away and then received a telephone call to say my passport was ready for collection! Went back about a week later to collect both passports and did not pay them anything. Each immigration office seems to make up their own rules!
  6. There was an office at BKK airport where you could get a re-entry stamp in your passport a while ago, I have never heard of it being closed down. Only thing there is that they charged a little bit more than the 1,000 baht that you can get one for in other immigration offices.
  7. I live in Issan and know many expats that live here as well. Out of the many friends I do not know one that does not have a current visa. Maybe what you hear is true but I doubt it, to hide in Pattaya would be easier than to hide in an Issan village where everyone knows everyone else.
  8. Yes, but here and now the Thai army are both the government and the law! Section 44 sees to that.
  9. Another reason for using an agent to get a visa for my Thai wife to come to England in the past was the time that it takes to get everything done. It would have cost me more to stay in Thailand and do it myself than paying Keyvisa to do it for me, plus I might have lost my job. Now I use them to get the letter from the UK embassy to prove income for my married visa and at 500 baht it is cheaper than me going and staying for a couple of days in Bangkok to do it myself. Much prefer to spend that time in Pattaya!
  10. Forgot on previous post, do not forget to change your passport number on any and all bank accounts that you hold in Thailand as they require to see the passport for many things to do with banking. Think you should also change it on driving license if that is the number that you used on the license, I tried but they wouldn`t do this so my numbers are different now.
  11. The transfer is supposed to be free from old to new passport but Udon immigration tried to get 500 baht out of me to do this.
  12. I also have used Darren at Keyvisa on several occasions and so have many of my friends. So far everything has worked out brilliantly, visa`s obtained or other services provided, he arranged our wedding, all have been first class. I also have no connection with Keyvisa except as a happy customer and yes it is good to be able to say nice things and not have to complain about a company.
  13. Yes you definitely do need everything each time you want to extend the visa, also they can ask for anything else that they can dream up! Never leave things until the last minute, it could prove both difficult and expensive.