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  1. You could always get a SETV before you travel (they're free now). This will expire when you leave for the Philippines. Come back in on a 30 day visa exempt. Problem solved!
  2. They've stopped doing the free coffee/tea refill on breakfasts now. Been having brekkies here for 3 months now but at 145 bht (with 2 coffees) it's no longer good value.
  3. If you have the offer of 10k per month, from 1 July, in writing I would accept it because :- You don't have a contract with matrix. You have a contract with City Centre Residence who have no money. They pay Matrix a huge sales and marketing fee from your money, leaving just enough to make stage payments to the contractor. Your contract will state that disputes will be dealt with by arbitration which is lengthier and more costly than the courts. Also, if you win you will then have to go to court to get payment. If you do decide to go down the legal route it would be better to use a BKK company because this is thailand and it may well be that local firms are "looked after" by the large developer's. Finally, buildings 1&2 really are close to completion. Maybe end of February /March. Beds and furniture were being delivered last week and there are plenty of workers on site. Just remember don't take the key until you know that the OR6 is in place and the building has been signed off.
  4. click on the ads mate. It's another advertisment for the whiter than white New Nordic Group. Anyone else noticing a pattern?
  5. He never bothered to give us his arrival date mate.Doesn't matter cos it was bullshit anyway. He's started another thread saying he's coming for 90 days on 25 January. 555
  6. guess we'll have to know his arrival date.20th January to mid may is less than the 135 days he's quoted as staying.
  7. he's only got 90 days max from 28 February. If he's coming say 20 January for 135 days that means he'll be short by a week or so.
  8. Soz. Was answering wtfname's post. Yes I'm a dinosaur
  9. Nope. If he leaves before 28 February he will run out of days on his 2nd visa plus extension Standard waiting time in Phnom Penh is reported as 3-4 days, don't know elsewhere.Nope. If he leaves before 28 February he will run out of days on his 2nd visa plus extension.
  10. The way to do it is. Get a Single entry TV before you leave. It's free now until 28 February. Extend after 60 days at jomtien. 30 days for 1900 bht. Leave the country after 90 days and get a SETV from a neighbouring country. You'll have to stay overnight for processing. That gives you another 60 days. DONT go down the Multiple entry route. It's expensive and pointless.
  11. Laamok did say that Kurt Svendheim was once a dodgy dealer, on this board, so I don't think I've broken any rules with my previous post.
  12. Can't believe this thread is still here. New Nordic make Harris Black look like a choir boy..... But they do advertise here!!!
  13. Excellent idea and good money spinner for them. Leave your will, chanote, bank details etc in there. Just inform your next of kin back home where everything is. Hey presto they've got a customer to finalise your estate. I doff my cap to you Tony!
  14. But you need to factor in the cost of a Cambodian Visa. If you fly to HCM you don't need a visa. (depending on which country you are from).