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  1. I stumbled across this 'old' thread but thought some might enjoy this 'mirror OVER the bed'. I put it in one of the condos I own/rent out. Yes, it's fun!
  2. You are doing well already by have NO 'dependents' nor 'debts'. This is CRITICAL unless you want to work until your 70. Bottom line: No wife, no kids, no debt.
  3. VT6 vs The Base

    My two condos, that DW manages in VT6, both have 3BB/DSL to the room/condo. Private router/WIFI. And in five years, very few outages with speeds running around 10/2. Nearly as good (if not better) than my cable Internet in USA.
  4. Great wifi

    You need a condo as, typically, you're connected to the router in the room--NOT being shared by other guests/rooms like in a hotel.
  5. If last year is any indication, hot and humid with little rain. And, yes, the VT6 pools gets plenty of sun--especially afternoons.
  6. I can't say about 'most' but at View Talay 6 condos: They DO 'collect IDs' (at Security) Short-term rentals include ALL utilities Daily cleaning, you're right that's an extra charge to be arranged
  7. Which is among MANY reasons why mongers visiting Pattaya should rent condos-regardless of the length of stay. I'll never forget, years ago, the doorman at Sandy Spring Hotel telling my TG 'how I had other girls there'. Gee, thanks, buddy!
  8. VT6 vs The Base

    I've know multiple guys who have live in Pattaya over ten years who 'agree'. They refuse to driving ANYTHING with 'wheels' because of safety issues.
  9. VT6 vs The Base

    I can't comment about 'living' long term at the Base but VT6 has many farang that live there year-round (including some with school children).
  10. Soi Ska Beach (an excellent location), runs between Second Rd and Soi Buk, has a place I've seen advertised (during low season) at 4999B/month for a room. The 'banner' stated it included AC, WIFI, all utils.
  11. I think the lesson here: If you THINK you'll EVER come back to Thailand, keep (at least) 2/3k in 'THB' when you leave. Avoids ALL airport exchanges which generally do NOT have good rates.
  12. short term condo concerns

    I've been renting my condos out to PA members, BY THE NIGHT, since 2012. The number of issues: ZERO Rent a centrally located Pattaya condo for one or two nights. Test it. Compare it to a 'hotel' room. I DID and was convinced about how much better condos are.
  13. We can only 'speculate' as to the physical quality of the building's condition and infrastructure. I've not been in there but residents there that I've spoken to had only minor complaints. South facing condo, for example, were 'very hot' in the afternoon. Another person mentioned 'noise' from Beach Road. Regardless they're are 'in-demand' with SELLING prices up to '140mBht' per another thread on PA. It was a full floor, penthouse, two stories, 960sqm.
  14. Unfortunately no photos of the rusting 'hulk' (Northshore) but, I too, remember that well. I also remember how SEVERAL commenters on another forum predicted Northshore would 'collapse' due to the rust, sea salt damage, so on. BTW, condos initially sold (starting) around 4.5M-5Mbht. Now, same condo, 6.5M-7M.
  15. You're right. 'Total fleecer' compared to staying off Soi Buk for 650B. Or, even better, I've seen a place for 200B night on 2nd Rd, near Tim's Bar. And if really on a tight budget, check out the 'hostel' on Soi Buk near Soi 15. Maybe fits you better? Here are the prices starting at 1700B: June-October 1-2 nights@2300/night 3-5 nights@2200/night 6-10 nights@1900/night 11+ nights@1700/night ---------------------------------------------------------- November-May 1-2 nights@2700/night 3-5 nights@2600/night 6-10 nights@2300/night 11+ nights@2200/night June-October 1-2 Nights 2300/night 3-5 Nights 2200/night 6-10 Nights 1900/night 11 Nights plus 1700/night Monthly rate not available June-October 1-2 Nights 2300/night 3-5 Nights 2200/night 6-10 Nights 1900/night 11 Nights plus 1700/night Monthly rate not available November-May 1-2 Nights 2700/night 3-5 Nights 2600/night 6-10 nights 2300/night 11 nights plus 2200/night Monthly rate not available