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  1. Quote of the day! It is true I have done this and yes I felt embarrassed
  2. LK royal suite has the second building without the pool. You have to walk past a security desk but he's usually outside smoking anyway.
  3. I use Agoda for trips, book months in advance anyway as I know where I stay each time. Builds up Agoda loyalty points and usually upgrade my room once a year from it.
  4. I also understand the idea of saving cash for girls, but when I'm at work I live in a donger (container room) So to splurge a little for a place with a pool, good bed, good a/c and big bathroom whilst on holidays. I'll stick with paying the extra.
  5. I understand the need for luxury. Your on holidays, why stay cheap. An extra $2-300 for the trip and it makes a huge difference
  6. My only concern when I stayed at Areca was the glares from "normal" tourists around the pool with my bar fine. A few families looking at me Like I'm a pervert. I shouldn't care, but it didn't feel right, so I stopped taking them to the pool next morning.
  7. Glen 20 Straight into the duct while it's running. Empty a can if needed. It'll stink the room like chemical flavoured pine for a bit, but it kills everything. I do it at work the first day in each swing. I used to get sick every time , now it's never.
  8. Some BM's love being in the heart of soi 6. Personally I couldn't do it, I have enough trouble walking past a bar that a previous bar fine occurred as is. "never shit where you eat" Even a single soi away is slightly safer IMO
  9. I've stayed at LK royal suite plenty times. I'm pretty sure it's in front of royal wing? I also prefer to stay at the second building above 7/11 away from reception. I always tipped the security guard 500 on first day and never had a problem taking additional girls up to the room at no charge. I sometimes grab a bottle of coke or something too from 7/11 to give to him as I walk past. A little generosity goes a long way in Pattaya
  10. best thing about most places, if they have a pool and no service, I've just asked a cleaner or member of staff to get me something from a street vendor or nearby restaurant. 100 bar tip and they're happy to help
  11. Ive been staying here for the past 5 or so trips. Yes it's getting a bit dated, but for location it can't be beat. And I alway tip the security on my first day in, never had a problem bring additional girls back without paying joiner fees. That and the rooftop pool is why I keep staying here
  12. Best place to store stuff in any hotel in Pattaya is in the air con filters. I don't think any cleaners know where they are located.
  13. Best place to store stuff in any hotel in Pattaya is in the air con filters. I don't think any cleaners know where they are located.
  14. I stay there every trip now. I know it's getting a bit old but the location is perfect for baht bus both north and south. And everything is right at your doorstep
  15. Both are great hotels. Yorkshire (in the good rooms) is easily the best, however for dollar value, hemingways is the winner. I used to stay at only Yorkshire all the time (great Breakfast), but now I tend to stay at Hemingsway as it has the roof top pool that no one ever seems to use and is far cheaper.