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  1. ^ That's an excellent, and up-to-date summary for generating revenue online. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Official Thread:

    Wow, I just booked the Blue Sky the other day. Was about to post a thread asking for some reviews when I find this thread. Great to hear positive opinions. The reviews on Agoda were mostly positive, the only negative seems to be the lack of wifi. No biggie since you can buy some data on a Thai sim card, right? I always stay at Areca Lodge but they were booked out for the dates I wanted, so I've gone for 3 nights at the Blue Sky Hotel and 3 nights at Areca Lodge. Never been to Soi 5 before, but location wise it looks great. I can't wait
  3. From what I've read, it makes no difference to the settlement decision whether you're married or not. Doesn't seem fair or logical, but that's what they say.
  4. How do you cook the books to get a mortgage application approved? I'm genuinely interested because the lenders would just laugh at me if I applied for a mortgage in this town
  5. I'm self-employed as well. Last year was the only year in the last 7 that I've earned less than the 18.6k mentioned. I need to earn 28K a year just to break even I hear you about the mortgage. Fucking trapped in a rental hell and the cocksuckers keep hiking it up every year at a time when everything else is going down
  6. Hang on, are you saying you didn't have £18,600 salary ?
  7. I think there must be websites, but they're probably in Thai which is why I can't find them. These kind of apartments are for Thais, not farangs.
  8. Have done some Googling for long term apartment rentals in Patts expecting to see a range of agencies similar to the ones for BKK. But haven't found anything except expensive condos. Can anyone recommend any online services so I can have a browse? I'm looking for a 1 bedroom apartment or studio for under 5k / month.
  9. "She is not different."
  10. I do online reputation management also. Pushing the bad reviews down the SERPS by promoting other pages upwards is a good tactic, until you come up against a Yelp review. I haven't found any way of sinking those critters. Have you? If so, any tips?
  11. Nice place but I wouldn't go there to monger.
  12. If you're building a business online today you need to diversify your traffic streams - if you're relying on Google Search you're asking for trouble. The good news is that social media is now catching up fast and will overtake search soon. There's a lot of opportunities on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr to name just a few. Be wherever your target customers hang out - it's always been about that.
  13. The mid priced boom boom bus/cab service is a goldmine waiting to be exploited. Someone has to do it, soon I hope.
  14. One way around that might be to go into business with a Thai (wife, GF, etc).