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  1. Hah yeah - I remember it being like 8am and my banging was moving the bed a lot. I tried to not let that happen as much but after a while did not care lol I really didn't do much during the day. Usually LT was with me till early afternoon then I'd head out to Wicked early evening. Because of this, I usually was around when the staff were cleaning out rooms and could hear them talking. Also, there seemed to be general work being done to something in the hotel so heard some of that as well but not enough to be completely annoyed by it
  2. The hotel was fine overall. I don't have any major complaints besides laundry being pretty expensive so I would probably try to go somewhere else. Otherwise, it's in a good location if you want to be close to Walking Street. Cost wise not so bad too if you want a pool. The bathroom lighting issue / distance from mirror was also an issue at 247. As for 247, I'm not saying you should stay there instead. Some may not like being on Soi Honey and having to walk by massage places every day ahah. I wasn't much of a fan of it myself. I would probably try some place new instead of staying at either the next time I go but try to find a place that has laundry near by.
  3. Yes I do not intend to return either. I stayed at 247 Boutique and the girls I brought back for LT didn't seem to give two shits between the two hotels. The room decor I thought would bother me but I just didn't care while I was there. It's not like we live there anyway. Agree on the bathroom though - I found that both places I stayed at had this lighting issue. Also the mirror in both were too far - not good for shaving if you need to shave pretty much every day like I do. The one nice thing though is the pool - I did have a girl with me that I liked at the pool. I'd probably make sure to have a nice pool at least for my next stay.
  4. So I stayed at the Empress - I wouldn't say it's a big problem. I mean I never heard boom boom from any adjacent room - maybe they heard me? hah. There were a few times that it was annoying... 1) During the day the staff is pretty active and can be heard talking to each other 2) Someone was playing loud music my last night there - immediately after it started I yelled "you got to be fucking kidding me" and the person lowered the volume lol. I actually didn't mean to yell it out but worked!
  5. Thanks for the feedback! I think the issue with thin walls is common? I feel like I read that for most of the hotels I've checked ha
  6. Don't really care about what the view is etc. - wondering if I should pay a little more for a pool side room.
  7. Hah I guess this is why I'm having trouble with making a reservation. But yeah, a bit tired of looking into places to stay so sticking with the Empress
  8. Good to hear! I'm quite burnt out at looking at hotels that I'm just going to stick with it.
  9. Just made a reservation for the Empress as I noticed some of the hotels I was looking at were more expensive now given that my trip is a bit closer. Is the location for At Mind not that great? Besides the fact that Empress is right on the beach. I don't particularly like the look of the Empress but I guess that shouldn't be too much of a concern since I'm only there for 6 days...not moving in hah
  10. Just wanted to get your thoughts on the hotel. I think I like the look of the hotel / rooms and not that expensive either. I've been having a difficult time selecting a place for my days in Pattaya but I'm leaning towards this hotel unless there is a reason to avoid
  11. Oh. Didn't even occur to me that it would be the case
  12. I'm going to be at the Hilton the first two nights I'm in Pattaya and will move to another location for the remaining days. It seems like vt6 is a nice option - the room I'm looking at looks nice enough and not that expensive either. Wondering why this option isn't used by everyone? Also there is a pool right? Doesn't seem like something that gets promoted by some of the agents so not sure if it's crap.