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  1. Try The Pride, about 50 metres off soi 15. You should get a 47 m2 1 bedroom for 20K. Also try The Urban, just down the street a bit, slightly cheaper for the same thing. I inspected a couple last week and found them to be very similar. The Pride has the better location but I liked The Urban slightly more.
  2. I'm thinking of moving there on Saturday. Do you have any issues there?
  3. Walking Street is calling me... gotta go.

    1. MaGiK


      Check Sapphire then :)

    2. kahoy
  4. Back in 1990 I stayed in the New Star Hotel in soi 11 near the night market. I stayed there 5 months for 100 baht per night. They were building across the street and had pile drivers working all day but I had a room out the back which overlooked a coconut plantation. It had only a fan and no hot water but seemed OK as I was only young. I think it's still pretty cheap and the location is brilliant, just far enough down the soi not to be noisy.
  5. I want to get a one year retirement visa and stay in Bangkok. I'm told that the procedure is to obtain a 90 day non-0 multi entry retirement visa first in Australia and then convert it to a one year retirement visa in Thailand. It's not clear to me exactly what documents I need to submit to get the 90 day visa in the first instance. Reading the Thai embassy website it looks like they want the same documents to get the 90day retirement visa as the one year but a friend told me that I need only pay for the 90 day visa in Australia, no documents other than my passport and then submit all docs in Thailand. I'm confused. Can somebody explain the exact process please?
  6. How about Dresden which was not a military target and full of refugees where an estimated 350,000 civilians died. The rationale? It might help break German morale. The Japanese have much to apologize for but it's not a one way street. Dropping the bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki had more to do with Russia than Japan. You mention Japanese revisionist history but the idea that America had to drop the bomb to save lives is just the same bullshit propaganda.
  7. “The coral reefs are affected by unaware tourists – when they go diving they may touch or step on the reef. Closing those spots will help the reefs recover naturally,” National Park officer director, Reungsak Theekasuk, told AFP. Coral bleaching, primarily caused by warming waters, has been wreaking havoc on the region for years." Coral recovers very slowly from physical damage. The main cause is warming waters but, according to Australian scientists, the ability of coral to withstand warmer temperatures is adversely affected by pollution. Many of the best diving sites are on the west coast where the water gets deep fairly quickly so runoff pollution should be less of a concern than the Great Barrier Reef which lie directly off hundreds of sugar cane fields pumping nitrates and pesticides directly onto the reef.
  8. Not unless you cite your references. The quote by Lenin could equally be used by both sides of the argument. non? Honestly, do you really believe that the overwhelming majority of qualified scientific opinion which supports climate change as being man made is all a conspiracy theory whereby tens of thousands of scientists are colluding in a fraud to get government grants? The meme that climate changes and always will is very true. There is, however, a problem. Two actually. The first, one that will NEVER be addressed by skeptics is that natural cycles of climate change take hundreds of thousands of years whereas what we are see now is happening within tens of years. The second inconvenient truth is that CO2 levels haven't been above 400 ppm for 15 million years and there is only ONE explanation for the sudden rise over a hundred years. Below is a link (one of many) which shows that satellites measurements have been subject to more adjustments than surface temperature measurements. (This doesn't mean they are "fudged"). The other thing they show is that the outlier measurements in 1998 which have been so fondly embraced by skeptics as proof that everything about climate change is bullshit is in fact a cherry picked outlier year and that the trend upwards (the important numbers) remain firmly entrenched. http://www.accuweather.com/en/weather-blogs/climatechange/some-of-the-issues-with-satell/54879902
  9. Don't know where to start. Try SAND. They dredge it up and build the islands on it. Plimer toured Australia with Monkton, say no more. He is an idiot. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ian_Plimer The 1998 meme was based on a spike which the denialists like to use as a base line in order to establish the myth that there has been no warming since. A quick look at the graph establishes that. Anyway, since then the warming trend has been so pronounced that even this myth is no longer peddled. The Carbon Tax was not intended to raise money for research, it is a penalty on cabon dioxide emissions designed to enhance the viability of green alternatives. In any case the "left wing" government still spent more than the LNP on research. The CSIRO cuts are proof of this. Other right wing governments do not challenge climate change, notably the UK and Germany. In those countries climate change is seen as real and not politics. There is NOT more ice in the Arctic. There is more sea ice in the Antarctic due to changing trade winds. Norway has just approved more oil exploration in the Arctic due to less ice. Greenland is losing ice like crazy. It is predicted that shipping will soon traverse the Arctic seas from Europe to Asia on a regular basis. A polar bear has mated with a grizzly and produced the first ever recorded hybrid. Every month is a new world record warmer than the last month. Pollution has never been mooted as the major factor in coral bleaching, it is mainly sea temperature. Pollution runoff has been identified as a factor which weakens coral and exacerbates the effect of higher temperatures. Tropical fish are being seen far further south than ever before. Recently the dams in Tassie were almost empty and hydro electric production stopped for the first time ever. The recent rains increased the dam levels a whopping 7%. Forest fires have been burning Tasmanian old growth forest for the first time ever. The average rainfall in the NT did increase 17% in 2015 due to higher than average in December and January, however many months had below average rainfall. The wettest month in Darwin is February but not in 2015. The wet season started late. Tropical rainfall was largely due to above average temperatures as is recent greater cyclonic activity.
  10. and Walking Street, be careful what you wish for....
  11. que? does the sun revolve around the Earth?