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  1. Or a single reentry permit for 1,000 baht.
  2. I can't tell you what they might suggest you do. You need to ask them that.
  3. Go talk to the nice folks at the visa agency to the left of the immigration office.
  4. Internet

    Those packages I quoted are for 4G, not 3G. AFAIK they are all 4G unless the signal is so weak it degrades to 3G. I'm always looking for the fastest unlimited pre paid package there is regard;ess of cost so if you know of a better one, please inform me. I have asked DTAC and AIS many times.
  5. Internet

    This is the way to go but 900 for 4G seems expensive. AIS: 900 baht for 12Gb but only 4Gb is at full speed thereafter throttled. DTAC: 1,180 baht for 20Gb at full speed. Both plans are for 1 month.
  6. Thanks for the Raming Lodge recommendation, I'm headed there for a 3 day trip in 2 weeks.
  7. Krungsri have a preset 30K button but I think you can get 50K from them.
  8. Pattaya Video From 1979 !

    I remember renting those catamarans (14' Hobie cats) around 1983. I ran into a fishing net about a km offshore and capsized one once with a bar girl who couldn't swim. I managed to get it upright and got her aboard ok and we continued on. The fishermen wanted compensation but I told them to fuck off, the net had no visible floats.
  9. I bought one of these a couple of months ago and now replacing it with a more expensive TP Link 4G MiFi Router because I need ethernet ports. New cost at Central Festival was 2,300 baht, will sell for 1,000 baht. Central Pattaya.
  10. Hmm, this could almost be me. I first came here at 25 in '80 and been coming regularly ever since, either here or Angeles City. Blew a public service career and spent my super. I never thought I'd need it since my dad and his dad died of stroke at 50 and my brother got killed at 20. I just wanted the life they never had. Well, I've really enjoyed my time in Thailand and the Philippines and spent a million on barfines, etc. Now I'm in my 60's and still working, luckily doing remote sysadmin shit from here in Pattaya on a contract. Night shift. No security. Lately arthritis has been plaguing my left shoulder and sleep is hard to come by. 3 years to go to a pension and 2 kids to support. Don't go there. But then again, I've had thousands of stunners in my time. Three new ones in the past 2 days.
  11. I opened a bank account at Bangkok Bank, Thapprasit Branch in Pattaya on a tourist account. They donlt allow internet banking unless you have a retirement visa or non 0. When I converted my account to permanent and said I wanted internet access they told me they send an email with details but the password goes by mail to your accommodation address and takes 2 weeks.
  12. There's a poster on a pinboard under building A in The Urban advertising a 1 bedroom 52 sq meter place for 18,000. Apparently foreigner owned.
  13. The information in the foru is of such a general and non specific nature that I find it near useless, other wise i would already know exactly where to go to watch AFL. If you want to provide more information you could do it here or by PM.
  14. Yesterday trying to watch AFL, the Australia Plus channel in Oz TV live just froze and nothing would bring it back. It's back online today. ABC 24 in the same place never works. Is there any other place to watch AFL live? Solid Streams has stopped working altogether. internet 3BB.
  15. Does anyone know how to get AFL from a source other than Australia Plus on these boxes. I have one but can't find AFL anywhere. There are about 4 links to "AFL Live" in one of the apps but they don't work.