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  1. There's a poster on a pinboard under building A in The Urban advertising a 1 bedroom 52 sq meter place for 18,000. Apparently foreigner owned.
  2. The information in the foru is of such a general and non specific nature that I find it near useless, other wise i would already know exactly where to go to watch AFL. If you want to provide more information you could do it here or by PM.
  3. Yesterday trying to watch AFL, the Australia Plus channel in Oz TV live just froze and nothing would bring it back. It's back online today. ABC 24 in the same place never works. Is there any other place to watch AFL live? Solid Streams has stopped working altogether. internet 3BB.
  4. Does anyone know how to get AFL from a source other than Australia Plus on these boxes. I have one but can't find AFL anywhere. There are about 4 links to "AFL Live" in one of the apps but they don't work.
  5. Please Pm me with a suitable time for you, I want to buy the Minix U1. Initially I need it to work with wifi although soon I will get 3BB.
  6. Do you support this? Any comments about it as I am inclined to buy one of these? MiniX Neo U9-H 4K HDR Android TV Box / Mini PC
  7. Thailand's military government is evicting thousands of much-loved street-food vendors from their usual spots in a bid to clear walkways and bring order to the capital. The move has been criticised for depriving people of affordable meals and pushing Bangkok towards a more sterile future. "The street food of Bangkok is the blood of Bangkok … this is the charm, it is the fame, it is the identity of Bangkok," said Korakot Punlopruksa, a food writer and travel show host. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-04-15/bangkok-street-food-vendors-forced-to-move-by-thai-government/8407610
  8. I stayed in the English Rose last month for 2 weeks. I would not hesitate to recommend it. It is secure (has in room safes) and scrupulously clean. The English owner is on site much of the time and lives there so its a well run ship. I took a large room and the owner provided a desk and chair for me on request as I needed it for work. It can be a touch noisy in the street out front due to all the massage girls calling customers but it's not over the top. Location can't be beat with LK Metro a 3 minute walk away, 3 x 711's and a subway within 150 metres. The restaurant next door Boars Head has first rate food as well. I only moved out because I rented a condo.
  9. Can you pin this or post a link to a website? I looked back through 3 or 4 pages but no can find. It would be good to have a pinned post with current specs. I need Australian content plus US news channels, especially CNN. Must work on wifi.
  10. I've walked past every morning for the past 4 days and no a soul around except at the office.
  11. Try The Pride, about 50 metres off soi 15. You should get a 47 m2 1 bedroom for 20K. Also try The Urban, just down the street a bit, slightly cheaper for the same thing. I inspected a couple last week and found them to be very similar. The Pride has the better location but I liked The Urban slightly more.
  12. I'm thinking of moving there on Saturday. Do you have any issues there?
  13. Walking Street is calling me... gotta go.

    1. MaGiK


      Check Sapphire then :)

    2. kahoy
  14. Back in 1990 I stayed in the New Star Hotel in soi 11 near the night market. I stayed there 5 months for 100 baht per night. They were building across the street and had pile drivers working all day but I had a room out the back which overlooked a coconut plantation. It had only a fan and no hot water but seemed OK as I was only young. I think it's still pretty cheap and the location is brilliant, just far enough down the soi not to be noisy.