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  1. IMO the better TT is the one on the left hand side opposite the one shown as it is air inside, very friendly and efficient (you want low denominations) and has more cash than all UK's banks combined. The difference between the selling and buying price is literally a few satang, you can change back and forward 10x for the cost of 1x in the UK. Never done it but you could even currency speculate over the counter if you wanted to, (buy yen on monday, sell on friday etc). As poster above said, worthless currencies are worthless out of their borders, no one will deal in them.
  2. My understanding is that the sign is an offer to sell 13 Rai (12 acres?) at 3 million baht (70g of my new £) about the same price as German farm land? My rubbish Thai does not get the 36, is it a lease? As to who gets the money, coop, families or bank/ lenders who knows. Thailand is moving from agricultural to industrial guess 4 x as fast as we did, was it poverty or opportunity that emptied the German countryside? Agricultural produce has always been up and down, try buying or selling a rubber farm in 2012 or 2016, get it wrong way round is a world of pain. Without a welfare state- and we can guess where that is leading to in rich Europe, our Pattaya can at least be a 'final resort' / safety valve, and that I think may save it.
  3. Thanks OP, pbrhotelier and scumbag. Any further info gratefully received.
  4. There always, like always,has been big pressure within the Thai government to increase visa fee take partly to finance all the embassies w/wide and to try to pay for some of the costs associated with tourism, all those immigration officers for a start. Obviously they are totally aware of India, with Goa, Kerala, Kashmir, backpackers etc similarities are there. I think the current UK citizen price for a tourist visa is £89.44, not including an arrangement fee from a 3rd party. Many will have been to India and will compare the visa buying process unfavourably with the big T. If you think that is a bit steep try to visit Bangladesh. To make matters worse those wanting to up the take, get rid of or reduce to a few days visa exemption love the idea that their dream tourists are unaffected while the low end will stay away. Before getting on our high horses just think of the costs of the locals Thai, Indian, Bangladeshi coming to our countries.
  5. Decide what you want the bike for. If it is around town stick to the standard Thai fare, Honda Wave or scooter equivalent, can do everything, seat designed for multiple people, luggage friendly, easily fixed for very little, pretty cheap (20g will get an ok 2nd hand, 50g new). Check your insurance, if it is cheapo may restrict to 125, if so do not hurt yourself riding a 135, insurance cos are not charities. No bikes on motorways, no 100cc 1200cc HDs, none. remember your IDL for bike or complain everytime you are stopped, yes they stop all bikes, 500 baht and hassle, we love hearing this. Thai roads are dusty, you will not be wearing any protection, your helmet will be like Japanese workers', no gloves, boots. Green book shows legal ownership, is stamped up at RTO time (inspection at 5 yo). Keep it safe. Buy a big bike special watch for fakes, or altered ones, the police will as many big bikes are totally illegal. Tax will be square paper dated stuck somewhere on bike shows police tax/insurance paid. very cheap but the insurance inc 3rd party is minimal, crash then before you try to outrun angry Thais on your 250 be aware that they can easily hit 70mph on their scoots. Plenty of good info on google is it the GT bike club thailand? You can chop and change small bikes at minimal losses but just try selling a proper bike and you will take a bath.
  6. there is a reason it is called land of smiles. just watch inter relations between thais and other thais there is almost no middle ground between smiles and a fight possibly involving any weapon to hand just read the murder reports that began with a parking dispute. in someway this makes los more dangerous than the phiippines where an angry cabby is likely to push his gun in your face those who live here know, newbies please be aware.
  7. beach pool and <2500 baht at xmas means a low grade package tourist hotel with potential booking problems as they mostly wish to contract for multiple rooms. also chance of getting stung for compulsory dinners over xmas/new year, this can be big!. suggest jomtien garden hotel, ideal position on beach, good pool, nice clientelle (many russians of course, thai, korean but this is certain), getting tatty. this is really family package area and you could imagine that you are not living in the Reeperbahn. most likely complaint the foul water. for an oddity try Coco resort on thappaya soi 15, small pool, beach a baht bus, m/c 5 min cheaper, few more mongers as guests, expat feel rather than tourist, but still not brothel central
  8. the thai baht has been hampered by last years mega floods including damage to whole industrial areas producing goods for exports, southern insurrection, political instability (the closure of swampy by the yellows hugely damaging cargo less so tourists has not been forgotten nor the coup), lower prices for commodities eg rubber, the minimum wage, fewer high spending traditional tourists, slowdown in china, and the failure to relax sale of real estate to foreigner legislation. We should enjoy it while we can.
  9. i just instruct my bank to send x pound stirling to my kasikorn bank account. job done. like you i have kasikorn i'net banking so can check the money has got there and that the rate bears some relationship to their tt rate as shown on their web site, a few satang better than their window cash rate. tend to do it in blocks of 1m (say 20g shortly to be £25g) in reality just competitive with the yellow boxes cash rate. think kasikorn has still a branch at cannon st ec1 so i guess if ever i have a disaster i'll turn up there remembering to smile! strangely i seem to get a bit of interest on my passbook account, ok only a bit but every little helps. i would not delay as 38 baht is again in reach and i think we will soon remember the above 38 baht days as the swings with roundabouts to follow.
  10. Kasikorn is excellent choice assuming you are standing in the branch with you 2 x £50 notes they will simply change into baht and your in. few points, address detail requirement seems branch dependent getting your online passwords needs you at your branch look at any of the banks f exchange page and what is obvious is the very tight spread compared with the west. eg buy £ at 49 sell at 50, cry your eyes out Barclays. I get a better rate for oz$ sending £ to my kasikorn bank, taking it out in baht cash and buying $ on the street than tting sterling to my oz bank, greed or greed? Don't forget that a few 100 baht disappear each year and when in deficit your account has gone. Not only can you get big money out of the atms but if you need a million or 2 on a Sunday before you take your bfine to the gold shop the branch in Central will accommodate you. Lucky you.
  11. there is a wharehouse 2nd hand shop on soi korpai on the left as you run from pattaya tai towards teppasit road. A splendid thai soi commonly making the papers for thai life (crime). before buying make sure you check the price of new stuff and i would try at all those furniture shops sukumvit end of pattaya tai. in thailand the poor are always screwed (lucky for us 555) and the furniture shops will prob chuck in transport and muscle.
  12. used to buy them from to order from mikes and were about 300 baht at 70/£ guess price doubled and now 50/£ but that is where I would look. At £4 a pop quality issues (barca over heart etc) unimportant but at £12? Bit like all those sell your hovel and move to Australia tv programmes, lovely house at $300g and 2.6/£ well now it is $600g and 1.5/£ and they are not so friendly now you can guess why.
  13. what about the auction on teppasit road?
  14. k bank will close your account if 200 baht fees take it to zero and all others i know, gone kapput vanished. personally i would take the less than £10000 cash route and will prob get from a good TT kiosk almost exactly the telegraphic transfer k bank rate. Suggest bringing in £50s (thais like big notes. The 10g max limit is in line with money laundering legislation but even if exceeded is not instant confiscation but an easily avoidable airport problem. Once you have checked your k bank passbook updates and is not returned torn in half you can email your bank in uk and transfer (and heed the warning and transfer in sterling or spit blood). Even so the money can disappear into k bank bangkok for a few days while you rattle the branch office windows and you always seem to get the worst tel transfer rate of those days. Strongly suggest not sending until you know the account is open or you will be chasing £30g between branch, bangkok, returned to uk bank all with charges. With cash try not to invite 2 lbs you have just met on beach road back to your room especially if you are mau mak mak.