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  1. Congratulations, enjoy WA, Perth is about the size of Croydon but pretty, forget the Capital city airport claims, if 2 x jumbos are in biiiig waits. Blink and you and she will miss the airport, immigration and customs and will be standing among the buses. You should be there for Oz day besides the Swan, great day and she (not you) will be right at home. Car hire is cheap if you take out one of those 3rd party excess insurances, that ancient forrest sort of Esperance/Albany way a bit of a shock. WA is empty, great desert drives, do not fall asleep- easy to do. Airbnd? In Oz it is great and she will meet Ausies.
  2. Is this correct. I had thought that being in possession of the visa, not showing any reason the visa was not suitable, (eg suspicion of intent to work, insufficient funds, criminal intent etc) that no outward ticket was required. Surely she will be treated the same as I, uk subject on 3 month tourist 651 visa? Anyone know?
  3. 5555555555555 oh 5555555555555, oh 555555555. Somewhere on the board is an excellent post regarding condo sales, nothing new under the sun and the same story all over the world. As prices will hopefully rise as completion becomes more likely and timing more accurate so the developer will hold back units balancing profit and cash flow to his plan. Risk and reward are interlinked, he needs big balls.
  4. I think i may be able to help you with the £100 sterling notes, just bring 440000 baht in 1000s and you can have 80, meet you in rhompro bar at night. Seriously yes just take the cash from your kasikorn bank and hand to superrich. Admittedly i have never dealt with superrich only with TT and alternatives but these big changers are very professional and I think they will carry £8000 in sterling, but if your bank is close to the changer might be worth asking first otherwise you can be hiking branch to branch. seriously £50s are the max, nifty to you, and I have yet to find a counterfeit but everytime you try and spend one in the uk it is call the manager time, how cute?
  5. Passport Title

    Newbies take heed, love the ID checks at the desk and take a look yourself, nobody wants a bad surprise in the room.
  6. UK bank savers think 0.3%, guess any other European company could include Albania. Belarus so maybe, dream on. Suddenly Thai banks at 2-3% even if bonds, not guaranteed look great. Venezuela, Zimbabwe should get your 4% I guess.
  7. Jai Dee mak I too think many posting here haven never been but i think my advice is sound, although in my life whether my advice is good/bad seems totally random. Bought a decade + ago, but did investigate condos from 1998. Of course I totally missed out on the G Soros theft of all Thais' money in 2000 when a condo now at 2m would have been 500,000 and the £ at 90. I was the "underbidder" on several, it always amuses me that punters on price threads think it is the LDOP driving the price when their own life shows it is the underbidder. All those sticking offers of 2-3000 are the ones assuring 5000! Guessing the £ (and euro) are on a one way road i did look at buying cheapo's but not living here the agro was greater than the profit and trying to scrape £100/month/ property unattractive. If I had married Thai I would look for multiple 1m baht, room with a roof rentable to thai at up to 10g/mo, but i am not so I don't. I tend to keep in contact with a style of TG. Apart from the ones in Australia and Europe quite a number have recently bought Condo's in the 1.5 to 5 m range, yes this is what happens to "old" BGs not the dying of drugs and disease in the gutter beloved of our media. Biggest problems is having children if they missed out with the village husband in their youth and their parents ageing. They can get family + dozen guests eating in a <30 sq mt benefit of being small and floor living. As they only buy new (Thai!) they follow the developer's prices carefully. I did try to match my advice to what I read as the OP demand, in my heart a fire sale in VT 1 or 2, or Majestic card on the wall and wave money, not much point in looking at current ads. Your advice is as likely to be as good or better. BTW one was building worker, tried her hand at p4p, now works law office, their lives are more interesting than mine although they would not agree.
  8. Good luck OP. Suggest you keep a check on bahtsold, then when you are here get scooter, ride around, look at small adverts in receptions etc. should easily find something at 5-600,000. check it is in foreign name, (company yearly accounts cost the same for a cheapo as a mansion not worth it) check if building is liveable, pool swimmable, front office looking like war zone is not good. but things change, a decent condo can become a shit hole when scum move in next door. check if you can get a scooter up the lift and in, then when you come to Pattaya, you have your gear, your place and your wheels. do not even think about renting, possibly chuck the keys at a favourite or friend when it is empty. You have a bank account?, you will need to dd water, service, electricity charges. No taxe fonciere /habitation here. Get it through a proper Thai lawyer, Thailand is not the wild west, they looooove property longtime, just like the French, if you have not got the registered deeds but just a key, the key is all you have. Earplugs can sort out a lot, buying cheapo the downside is negligible, buy at 1.5m and the downside is anything down to 0.6. Get your money organised, the seller and your lawyer can expect you to come with, bankers cheque/ cash in the afternoon if you buy in the morning. This is property like a second hand car, you bought it it is yours. See and decide, is it straight? does it start? is registering at the land office no problem?, are the bills paid to date? bonne chance Frenchie
  9. OP you are a middle aged single, how are you burning through 4000 euro/month? are you in debt? are you one of the mythical people who borrow from payday lenders, 118, amigo, wonga, at 50% to 1000s apr? never met one but if you are one I think we have the answer. do you associate with others much richer or poorer than you? if they are poorer do you end up with all the bills? if so bin them unless they are providing sexual services. If they are richer do not try to keep up, they are not going to live down to your level, try to believe a 10 yr old Beemer, is more fun than a new hot hatch. cattle class goes as fast and safely as first class, the bus is bigger than a taxi and has a toilet etc if you are deep into property, long term you should be ok. Try to do Pattaya on the cheap, 500 baht/night room, eat thai, beach roader or FL, try for LT, suck it and see- or should that be the other way around- and live the north of 3rd rd life, 100 euro/day all in inc flights and you will be cracking popular with her and her friends, however you find them it is always a punt and my thinking you have as good or better odds at the low end . Avoid going out with friends on a 500 euro/ day budget! Without knowing where the money has gone and the emotion driving this you can not change.
  10. IMO the better TT is the one on the left hand side opposite the one shown as it is air inside, very friendly and efficient (you want low denominations) and has more cash than all UK's banks combined. The difference between the selling and buying price is literally a few satang, you can change back and forward 10x for the cost of 1x in the UK. Never done it but you could even currency speculate over the counter if you wanted to, (buy yen on monday, sell on friday etc). As poster above said, worthless currencies are worthless out of their borders, no one will deal in them.
  11. My understanding is that the sign is an offer to sell 13 Rai (12 acres?) at 3 million baht (70g of my new £) about the same price as German farm land? My rubbish Thai does not get the 36, is it a lease? As to who gets the money, coop, families or bank/ lenders who knows. Thailand is moving from agricultural to industrial guess 4 x as fast as we did, was it poverty or opportunity that emptied the German countryside? Agricultural produce has always been up and down, try buying or selling a rubber farm in 2012 or 2016, get it wrong way round is a world of pain. Without a welfare state- and we can guess where that is leading to in rich Europe, our Pattaya can at least be a 'final resort' / safety valve, and that I think may save it.
  12. Thanks OP, pbrhotelier and scumbag. Any further info gratefully received.
  13. There always, like always,has been big pressure within the Thai government to increase visa fee take partly to finance all the embassies w/wide and to try to pay for some of the costs associated with tourism, all those immigration officers for a start. Obviously they are totally aware of India, with Goa, Kerala, Kashmir, backpackers etc similarities are there. I think the current UK citizen price for a tourist visa is £89.44, not including an arrangement fee from a 3rd party. Many will have been to India and will compare the visa buying process unfavourably with the big T. If you think that is a bit steep try to visit Bangladesh. To make matters worse those wanting to up the take, get rid of or reduce to a few days visa exemption love the idea that their dream tourists are unaffected while the low end will stay away. Before getting on our high horses just think of the costs of the locals Thai, Indian, Bangladeshi coming to our countries.
  14. Buying used motorbike, advice?

    Decide what you want the bike for. If it is around town stick to the standard Thai fare, Honda Wave or scooter equivalent, can do everything, seat designed for multiple people, luggage friendly, easily fixed for very little, pretty cheap (20g will get an ok 2nd hand, 50g new). Check your insurance, if it is cheapo may restrict to 125, if so do not hurt yourself riding a 135, insurance cos are not charities. No bikes on motorways, no 100cc 1200cc HDs, none. remember your IDL for bike or complain everytime you are stopped, yes they stop all bikes, 500 baht and hassle, we love hearing this. Thai roads are dusty, you will not be wearing any protection, your helmet will be like Japanese workers', no gloves, boots. Green book shows legal ownership, is stamped up at RTO time (inspection at 5 yo). Keep it safe. Buy a big bike special watch for fakes, or altered ones, the police will as many big bikes are totally illegal. Tax will be square paper dated stuck somewhere on bike shows police tax/insurance paid. very cheap but the insurance inc 3rd party is minimal, crash then before you try to outrun angry Thais on your 250 be aware that they can easily hit 70mph on their scoots. Plenty of good info on google is it the GT bike club thailand? You can chop and change small bikes at minimal losses but just try selling a proper bike and you will take a bath.