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  1. Secrets.....location
  2. Agoda reserve a certain amount of rooms from each hotel ( I dealt with them when I worked for Secrets) When those reserved Agoda rooms are all taken the hotel will show as full. They're not. Just sold out of the Agoda rooms. My advice would be just book a couple of rooms to start with and then take a look around town to book another hotel once you get here. There's tons of rooms going at the moment. See you soon. Phil
  3. Queen Vic on soi 6 gives you a key to the back entrance (stop making your own jokes up )
  4. Sleep on the beach during the day and party at sundown. Cost 20 baht.
  5. I lived opposite the A One for years. Very nice but mainly Chinese and Indian tour parties, if that bothers you. Not guest friendly I believe but always a few fat Indian style hookers outside on motorbikes at night.
  6. Me,my girlfriend and baby live in about 25 Sq meters. I'm a minimalist and have very few possesions. She's got a lot of clothes but that's about it. Possesions own you. Sent from my SM-N910V using Tapatalk
  7. "Worlds Oldest Man Dies" is the most repeated news headline ever.
  8. I suspect that the bank staff are in commission for enrolling you onto the 1st card as I had to plead to have a non chipped card.
  9. I use this card and have no problems buying airline tickets, PayPal or Apple ID, Amazon etc.
  10. Problem with that card is, when I had one issued, I could only use it in Bangkok Bank ATM's. This may have changed but it was a right pain at the time. Good for using the BTS though.
  11. Central have them. Also the shop on Second Rd on the RH side as the traffic flows opposite Royal Garden. It's done out in red and gold. Sells all sorts of stuff for the catering trade. Good luck.
  12. Most furniture shops on Third Rd, Pattaya Glang sell all of these far cheaper than Ikea
  13. No mate. I went to BKK twice.First time to hand in my application, second time to pick it up. The cost of two bus tickets. Saved myself paying an agent. But some people don't have the spare time I did so I can understand why they would pay for someone to take if it all.