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  1. Ah, i see the problem, that Eurykuat is not extract, but just the root powder. 1 capsule of that stuff is just 162.5mg of root powder. that is nowhere near strong enough to make an impact. most of the Tongkat sold in Malaysia and Singapore is like that though. 1 capsule of the ones i have is 300mg of 1:200 root extract, should be equivalent to 60.000 mg of root i guess. I dont use them up myself because of personal reasons and changed situation, but they definately do what they say they do.
  2. There is a lot of fake and poor quality Tongkat on the market, especially in Singapore, where the regulations regarding supplements are very weak. this one is the real deal, from Sumatra Pasak Bumi. Plahgat, if you take 2 pills a day from this, and after 3 days you do not experience a significant increased libido i will refund it.
  3. I have 1 unopened bottle of Sumatra Pasak Bumi's Tongkat Ali 1:200 root extract for sale. I have used the previous bottle and can attest this is a effective supplement to increase your testosterone levels. see more info at: http://www.poweroftheherb.com http://www.tongkatali.org 100 capsules will last you about 50 days. 2000 baht
  4. I finished my 1 year contract and am moving out and figured i'd help my landlady replace me with another tennant. I paid 10k monthly, utilities came to around 1.5k electric and 400 bt water 2 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom, Master Bed has Airco, Living room and 2nd bedroom are currently Fanned. 24/7 security, communal swimming pool, communal gym. decent Wi-Fi available from Thipmannee Cable at 1k/month on the bit of road where Khao-Noi and Khao-Talo come together. Its a very nice village, new, clean, green and spacious.
  5. Sponge, i live on the darkside now, crossing sukhumvit is not really dangerous at night, as there's hardly traffic. it maybe 10 more minutes driving from your current place. i have a great new (4 year old?) 2 bedroom house, with a small garden, there's a new swimming pool and gym. 10k baht a month, and last month my electric and water together was 800 baht, i used to do triple that. i think there's more available for rent here, i can check if you want
  6. I'm selling one of 2 Mio's. White: 28.000 KM at 20.000 bt Blue: 6.500 KM at 25.000 bt Both drive excellent
  7. condo's do mark up the prices, and fair is fair, they need to, as they are making costs for providing the stuff. so the answer to your question is, there is no "real" unit price, as the unit price depends on where you are. government charges for electricity are about 3,6 baht per unit indeed. i think water is about 20-25 baht per unit ADSL can be had from 800 baht upwards. cable TV is 200-300 baht
  8. i have a brand new Acer Aspire 1 that i am selling for 7,250 baht...
  9. btw, BC could not make it in time, so these games are actually still up for grabs, dunno if there's anyone else with a PS2 out there?
  10. deal, i'll throw in the memory card and controller as well.
  11. i'm organizing my stuff, and i decided to get rid of all the stuff that has no use, as i dont have a PS2 anymore, this one scores quite high on the list! the games i have are: Bomberman Collection Conflict Vietnam PES 2008 Bloody Roar 4 Resident Evil Outbreak #2 Devil may Cry 2 Genesis collection (sega games) Crash Nitro Kart Winning Eleven 20+ Grand Theft Auto Liberty city stories Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Smack Down vs Raw 2008 Midnight Club racing 3 Crash Tag Team racing Bully Time Crisis Crisis zone and the usual dual shock controller and 8mb memory card just make a offer, it doesnt really matter, as long as i dont end up throwing it away
  12. where did you buy the new set? i never did end up buying clubs, still been to lazy to drag my ass to the golfcourse
  13. i asked him ages ago, and they were already sold
  14. I got 15K for it... it's the wii fit balance board that made it expensive... if its just for your kids you wont really need the wii fit, although its a massive feature imo