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  1. Because of the picture they take of you at the Immigration nowadays, you have go there in person! You can no longer use a visa-service agent! Plahgat
  2. ...and Baby Boom Ladyboy a GoGo next door! Plahgat
  3. Yeah, that's my main concern as well! I did walk by on the opposite side of Third Rd once on my last trip though and looking across the road there was a row of empty demolished plots at the back of this hotel along Third Rd! If you could sneak in between one of these plots it's not far from Third Rd to hotel, but there might be buildingconstruction and noise coming up in the near future along this stretch as well! Plahgat
  4. Talked to them again and they agreed on 10000 baht a month for a 3 month rental! Not bad, but location still is a bit out of the way, although this time they assured me it was only 50 meters to Third Rd!? They wanted 16000 bath in deposit for 3 months, and cost for electric was 8 baht/unit and water 3,5 baht/unit. I read a lot of reviews on different hotelbooking sites, most were quite postitive, but there were also complaints of bad Wi/Fi signal in room, rooms not cleaned for days, paperthin walls, other guests constantly banging their doors, dark and scary street at night, some rooms had noise from nearby Thai Karaoke, construction work in the morning, and a bit far from beach, nightlife, shopping and supermarkets! On the positive side: quiet location, new and clean, nice personel and swimming pool. Plahgat
  5. Looks nice! ... but I'm looking for a cheaper place in the same area, without kitchen but with cleaning service and change of sheets once a week, for less than 15000 baht per month for 3 months! Plahgat
  6. Great review! Simply excellent! Looks very nice indeed, room small but has everything you need and more! Great views and swimming pool! Price is good, still a bit too expensive for me as I stay long time in Pattaya 3-5 months! Do you know if the have a monthly rate? Plahgat
  7. Got an answer from Trebel Serviced Apartment today and the monthly price for renting a superior/standard room is from 18000 baht up, more for rooms with kitchen. Didn't mention electric and water though, but you probably have to add another 2000-3000 baht per month for that! So real cost for a small simple but new and clean room without window-view or balcony is at least 20000 baht a month... too much for my budget! I'm looking for a new room in South Pattaya within easy walking distance to Walking Street at around 15000 baht or less per month, incl Free WiFi, Balcony! Plahgat
  8. Unfortunately very common and annoying that hotelbooking sites has the wrong adress and map location to hotels! Plahgat
  9. Great review and pictures! Any idea what they charge for monthly stay? I like the location, but prefer room with balcony and a view! Still if the price is right I might consider it! Plahgat
  10. It's opposite Tuk.com on South Pattaya Rd. Just opened about 1 month ago. No windows in rooms, only in bathroom(standard room) or kitchen. Also no balcony, and no elevator in hotel. Plahgat
  11. Sink in the room and no closing door to the bathroom and toilet, just some curtains? Plahgat
  12. Received reply today from V Residence! "At V Residence Pattaya we are provide free wi-fi and signal is good. 8000 baht is for 1 year contract and 12000 baht is for monthly, Electric & Water is not include. There are no shortcut from hotel to Third Rd. From V Residence to Third Rd is about 300 meter! " So price per month is actually 12000 baht for most people! No mentioning of electric and water prices so you have to add appr. another 2000 baht up per month! OK price, but out of the way location with no direct access to Third Rd still a big problem for me as I walk everywhere! Plahgat
  13. I've been thinking about this place as well! Walked by on Third Rd once, there seems to be a lot of empty land next to and in front of this hotel, so might get very noisy if construction buildings starts?! It's a bit away from everything, shopping, bars, beach and so on, and although looking from a birds view it seems near to Walking Street, there are as you mentioned no short cut to Third Rd, but you have to walk all around the block to just get out of there!? I sent them some questions, but they haven't answered back yet! Plahgat
  14. Koh Samui used to be my favorite place for many years, but haven't been back since 2011! What I can remember though is that Ark Bar is on North Chaweng Beach and not in Bo Put?! There were plenty of beerbars and bargirls in Soi Green Mango and Soi Reggae Pub, and 3-4 gogo bars. Heard that all the gogos closed except one, Dreamgirls in Soi Green Mango? There were also lots of beerbars and girls in Lamai Beach that had a more relaxed feel. Plahgat
  15. Sounds like Hotel Solo in Soi 2 Sukhumvit Rd near Nana? http://www.solosukhumvit.com/home Plahgat