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  1. In Sukhumvit Rd Bangok they might get away with those prices, but not here in Pattaya! Plahgat
  2. When I talked to the manager today, he asked me what I pay at my recent apartment, and when I told him 13500 baht/month he and his staff got all quiet and kinda looked embarrased! haha To be honest I don't have a kitchenette in my room though! Pretty sure they have to go down soon as Low Season is here as well! 20000 baht/month max for that room is more reasonable I think! Plahgat
  3. Hi! Today I walked by this newly opened (since a week) hotel and serviced apartment residence, on Soi 24 just off South Pattaya Rd next to the Center Condo. It's in a great location within easy walking distance to both Walking Street and the beach, fresh market and Soi Bua Khao Tues/Fri market as Tuk.com! It looked nice and classy from the outside in a quiet sidesoi to the busy South Pattaya Rd, so today I walked in for a chat. Talked to the manager and was given a broschure, all rooms comes with small kitchenette with microwave and sink, as well as balcony, King Size bed and sofa with table, bathroom with both shower and bathtub, Satellite cable TV and free Wi/Fi. There is also a restaurant, and fitness center with sauna and jacuzzi, no swimming pool. Here are the recent price details sent to me a moment ago, these are the monthly rent prices: They have 2 kind of Long Stay monthly Promotion rates at the moment. 1 .Rent for Long Stay per month with breakfast, including electricity and water supply and two daily drinking water bottles Deluxe room 36 sqm. Twin Bed 47,250 Thb./month Junior Suite Room ( 48 sqm.) king bed 59,250 Thb. /month All rate are net in Thai baht and inclusive of 10% service charge 7% government tax. 2 .Rent for Long Stay per month no breakfast. Breakfast will be charged at 150.00 Baht/person/day( normally 200 baht/person ) Electricity will be charged at 10 Baht per unit Water supply will be charged at 40 Baht per unit Hot water supply will be charged 160 Baht per 1,000 Litre (1 litre:0.16 Baht) Complimentary free room cleaning 2 time per week. Deluxe room 36 sqm. Twin Bed 30,000 Thb. /month/room only Junior Suite Room ( 48 sqm. king bed 40,000 Thb. /month/room only All rate are net in Thai baht and inclusive of 10% service charge 7% government tax. This price valid until September 30,2017 Daily promotional rates at the moment with breakfast are: Deluxe room twin bed 1,890 thb/day/breakfast Junior suite room king bed 2,370 thb /day / breakfast No website, but they have a facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/Asanaatpattaya/ Asana Hotel does look nice on the pictures, I never looked into a room as the price was way too high for me and I already have a room, but the reception and pictures shows lot of wooden details in hotel and rooms, but no way I could afford those prices! Seems with those prices to be more geared towards rich Japs and farang business men!? Pretty sure they will come down in the future! Plahgat Some pictures from their broschure:
  4. The new Galaxy S8 is out in Thailand now at 27900 baht! Plahgat
  5. Petals Inn is a nice little hotel, but my main problem here is the matress that are so soft it feels like sleeping in a hammock! Plahgat
  6. Also stayed in Royal Ivory years ago, very big rooms with small kitchen area! No blackout curtains, so sunlight would brighten upp the room very early, preventing me from long sleep in the mornings! Biggest problem was that the whole place stinks of cigarette smoke, so if you are not a smoker you will have problems! Plahgat
  7. Just got news from a source on the ground, that the passage is still closed! So I will choose a hotel on Soi 4 instead! Plahgat
  8. Yes I also stayed in Soi 4 then, but wondered how far they have gotten right now? Plahgat
  9. Planning to stay at "ICheckin Ploenchit" in Sukhumvit Soi 2 soon and just want to know if anyone on the ground right now can tell me if the walkway between Soi 2 and Soi 4 through Rajah Hotels parking lot has reopened yet or not!? Don't want to walk all the way out to Sukhumvit Rd and around to get down to Nana Plaza! If the passage is still closed I will choose a hotel on Soi 4 instead. Plahgat
  10. Because of the picture they take of you at the Immigration nowadays, you have go there in person! You can no longer use a visa-service agent! Plahgat
  11. ...and Baby Boom Ladyboy a GoGo next door! Plahgat