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  1. Here they are: TM.47 and TM.30 (if needed): tm47.doc tm30.doc
  2. I have never signed anything since they started scanning the barcode.
  3. I have never signed anything since they started scanning the barcode.
  4. Semi Retirement Visa

    I have never heard of a semi retirement visa. I think it is like being only a bit pregnant. A retirement visa extension is available for people from 50 years old.
  5. Are you not one of the guys who have been running Baron gogo on Soi Diamond ? And trying to sell a bar next to Friendship on Pattayatai that has been demolished since ?
  6. Corpses of stray dogs paraded in India street protest

    In Pattaya stray dogs are a big problem too.
  7. I already knew: gogos and bars with dim light are not what we need, but what many girls need, to hide their stretch marks.
  8. HDMI on hotel TVs

    Most modern televisions have two HDMI ports, one marked HDMI and one marked HDMI MHL. You should use the HDMI MHL one, the other one is meant to be connected to a DVD player.
  9. HDMI on hotel TVs

    My old DVD player only supports RCA, the new one supports RCA as well as HDMI.
  10. HDMI on hotel TVs

    Both my notebooks do have HDMI and VGA connections. My old television only has a coax and several RCA connections. My new television has a coax connection, several RCA connections, an HDMI port, an HDMI/MHL port, a USB port and a headphone jack. None of my televisions has a VGA port. With a male-to-male HDMI cable of 1.8 or 5 metres I can connect both my notebooks to the HDMI/MHL port on my new television. The other HDMI port does not seem to support this connection.
  11. HDMI on hotel TVs

    In Pattaya hotels televisions usually are connected to a local cable company (such as Sophon or TMN) and those cable companies provide channels in English and many other languages.
  12. HDMI on hotel TVs

    None of my television sets here in Thailand has VGA connections, but both my notebooks still have them. Both my notebooks have HDMI connections, but only my newer LED Television has one. That being said I cannot understand that a tourist to Thailand would want to be losing valuable time with that kind of stuff.
  13. HDMI on hotel TVs

    Signals of cable companies are still transmitted through coaxial wires.
  14. Complete this form first: transferstamp.doc
  15. Yesterday I went to Immigration in Jomtien for my 90-days notification. Nobody talked about this “Foreign National Information” document. It was business as usual: in and out in less than five minutes. The only thing that has changed is that the receipts are printed on light blue paper now.