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  1. Page 10 (mostly because of location. Rooms look nice enough. Pool looks ok. Little expensive for what it is though) $50/night always had a nice time there ,and the rooms look classy -nice little gym on the roof with the smallish pool.The are even a few bars adjacent to the property.
  2. there are a lot of options on soi 13 and the nearby sois --baywalk residence is currently offering rooms for about $33 on agoda
  3. it is guest friendly (no charge for the First Lady) but you might be asked to pay about 500 baht for a extra lady. So if you want a threesome factor in the extra 500 baht.
  4. I hear you,but am on holidays,and my 200 squats,100 push ups and 200 stomach crunches are enough to keep me going for the 2 weeks am in patts .Areca adds the ability to do running on their treadmills...Am not that vain to be headed to Tony's gym for a workout,and it's not even free..55555 but please note --this is my personal opinion,I can understand a serious gym rat needing a professional setup,99% of the tourists to patts are no gym rats...555
  5. I really do not see the price going down, on agoda at the moment the price is $37 a night excluding taxes (but includes breakfast). A couple of guys are complaining about the gym @agoda,well I travel for work and in most hotels even in the US the gyms are mostly basic -but what does a guy need to do during his vacation to keep reasonably fit -agoda has a pretty good apparatus,some treadmills ,some dumbbells and mats on the floor.
  6. it overlooks the pool so you also get to see some eyecandy --I mean the girls not the overweight
  7. $37 a night plus breakfast for August/sept seems a good deal. My other favorite baywalk residence @32. But no breakfast. The gym at Areca was the deal breaker here
  8. I always seem to have luck with girls who work in Areca. A waitress in their restartant wanted me to join her for dinner once ,while one of the cleaning ladies always chilled with me while cleaning my room -- thought about playing with her cute ass, but didn't Ok, the gym and pools are actually quite nice while the restaurant serves decent food although I ended falling sick one day after having lunch there. I would have preferred page 10 but the rooms there are too dark and @37bucks a night page 10 can't compete at the moment
  9. having stayed in both page 10 and areca lodge in the past i would definitely choose either of those..but to honest the least of your problems would be -walk in showers,pools
  10. not trying to dispute what you are saying ..but I visited Thailand 5 times in 2013 and 4 times last year....maybe I have been lucky not to have been pulled over....
  11. I remember the AC breaking down in my room once,I just informed the staff and they got if fixed...
  12. When I stayed at baywalk breakfast started at about 7am. So it was quite easy for me - most times I was just getting back to the hotel after spending my night in ibar then JP bar. Lol. I reckon Areca would probably be the same .. But again I could mistaken then I would try to set my alarm for 10 am. I had breakfast only once at page 10 but that wasn't a big deal because it was not included with the room - had to pay an extra 200 baht. But to the OP I am sure he would love baywalk -well placed between walking street, beach road and lk metro and only a baht bus away from soi 6. And if he is adventurous enough ,there is a cute ladyboy working in a bar at the back entrance of baywalk residence. There are also guys selling fake watches and bags just next door to the main entrance -just ask any of the guys working the doors at baywalk
  13. Sounds like page 10. But it should be fun . I got a good deal and it was a toss up between page 10 and areca. Areca won due to the lenient cancellation policy.
  14. I have stayed at BR about 6 times in the past 4 yrs. l stayed there twice last year and on each occasion I have had a great time. I would suggest you ask the guys at the reception for a router for the Internet - that definitely made a huge difference for me. The only other place I know that is nice around that area is Whitehouse condotel but they charge extra for a second lady. BR on the other hand is a mongers paradise lol. J Great breakfast and it does seem that they have a great deal going on. But I wanted to try Areca lodge for the first time - read so many great review about this place. J