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  1. 247 boutique hotel

    555 The egg guy is good-after a day or two he knows what you like. But yes he does take his job very seriously.
  2. As noted above the male head housekeeper checked me into condo last year. He asked what time you would like your room serviced. They seemed to stand by the time, if you have the Do not disturb sign out when it is your time I am not sure if they will come back later and check if you turned your sign to Please clean room. Overall cleaning staff very efficient, last year I had Monday-Friday cleaning, this year I opted for Monday, Wednesday, Friday. I had a large stash of towels in closet and never came close to running out. Dancewatchers, Tik and staff were all professional to me, any problems Tik always responded to emails in a timely manner. Enjoy your trip
  3. One thing I like about 24/7 to Areca is Areca has the old style shower that you have to step into tub. 24/7 has a nice walk in shower with a glass panel.
  4. Areca is nice if you are looking for more of a "resort" feel. I was in one of the older wings and it was showing its age. If you really enjoy laying at pool and a bigger hotel Areca is good. I stayed at 24/7 in December, kind of had a feel of a "boutique" hotel, everything seemed to be pretty new. Enjoyed the glass walk in shower, nice small pool on roof, when I was there not many people used it. Breakfast was same same every day, gentlemen at egg station is very nice and professional. If you are there more than a week you will probably need to switch up breakfast a few times.
  5. 24/7 Hotel Soi 10 /Honey has a glass shower you can see from room. My experience was about 1/2 of Thai girls put the shade down.
  6. Need help for View Talay 6

    Hello, does the security at VT6 collect the girls ID or are they just able to go to room. Thanks
  7. LK Metropole

    I stayed there around Christmas. I always stay there when in Patts. I've never had any problems. For me I like the location and the pool area. Booking with Agoda you will usually get a free breakfast. They have a buffet set up with cereals, fruits, etc then bring a menu to the table for your choice. Menu is pretty extensive you can have breakfast items, club sandwich, hamburger. They also have some Thai choices. I've never brought multiple girls back-I do believe there is a charge around 400 baht for the 3 person.
  8. I always stay at Dawin Hotel-also on Soi 4. Always clean and good service. They also have a small restaurant that is good for breakfast.
  9. LK...Rennaisance or Metropole?

    I stayed at both in December. I would have to give a slight advantage to Metropole. Rooms are similiar, I had a studio at Metropole with a full size refrigerator and microwave that came in handy for late night snacks. Main reason for Metropole for me was they were friendlier at desk with girls. At Renaissance you could tell the desk didnt like dealing with the girls. Also for me I liked the pool area at Metropole better.
  10. I work as a General Manager at a hotel in USA, policy every where I worked is first come/first serve. Meaning that if a deposit is required or certain info required the first person that pays or submits a complete reservation form has the room. It would be impossible to "hold" rooms for people that have inquired about rates availability etc.
  11. Lk metropole v Tim's boutique

    I have not stayed at Tims but I have stayed at both LK Renaissance and Metropole in December. I preferred Metropole over Renaissaince. For me the plus of Metropole is nice staff, good breakfast buffet each morning, I had a studio room that had a full size refrigertor and microwave. I noticed Metropole had a gym on the first floor that I did not use. I did enjoy the pool area at the Metropole.
  12. LK Metro Area Recommendations

    I recently stayed at both LK Renaissance and LK Metropole. I think I preferred Metropole a little better, nicer pool area, staff friendlier. There is a 7-11 just outside the door-1 minute walk to LK Metro.
  13. I used Agoda on 3 of the 4 hotels I stayed with. I usually book my trip early and like to use Agoda for not having to have a lot of baht at check in. Very easy just to hand receptionist sheet of paper.
  14. LK Renaissance Review

    I'll be staying there in a few months-thank for the report!! Do you know if the Family Mart is open 24 hours?? I should arrive at Patts about midnight. Just want a place to get some water and other basics-Thanks
  15. Thinking about going to Phi Phi when in Phuket for a few days. Are there any bars with bar girls, freelancers? Or better to bring a girl from Phuket?? Thanks