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  1. Hotel Clover Asoke I stayed here twice in July/August. First time, I had planned on a week. But I was enjoying BKK so much, I extended it to two. Went back the second time for another week. I loved the location with it's easy access to BTS and MRT. Rooms are a little on the small side, but have everything you need. Mini-fridge comes stocked with a few items that are free. Once you drink or eat them, they don't get replaced. Coffee/tea does get replaced daily. Nice place.
  2. I stayed in this hotel for the first time last month and it is now my first choice in BKK. Staying there again in a couple of weeks. Rates from 1800 to 2100 baht, depending on promotions. Hotel Clover Asoke It's less than a year old, so everything works right, is still clean, etc. Asoke is a great Sukhumvit location imo, both the skytrain and subway are there. Rooms are a little small, but very functional and most of all comfortable. There is a rooftop pool, but it is small. Good for hanging out if you want to broil in the Bangkok sun, but not practical for getting a swimming workout in, if that's what your looking for. Decent fitness center in the basement and being new, everything still works. My only complaint was the wifi was a little slow at times. It's not some fancy hi-rise with an awesome rooftop pool setting, but then again those cost a fair bit more than 2000 baht.
  3. Hey AJ, is still a good way for non-BM's to contact you regarding rooms?
  4. I'm simply not going to patronize a business that operates in this manner. Like I wrote earlier, they should state when they're full and recommend their sister property as an alternative.
  5. Yep, and we've already discussed this in another thread. They did not suspect the ladies in question were would-be sex workers as the group's spokesman is quoted as saying. Instead, it was correctly determined that they would be working without the appropriate visas, not that they would be 'working girls'. Maybe something was lost in translation. I'm not going to be embarrassed by the ignorance of fellow citizens or BM's. But to borrow some of the Brutox's descriptive wording above, what is f##@king hilarious are the folks that trust anything they read ... hell, they are morons.
  6. Terrible way to do business imo, but TIT. I think they are planning another property and I can only assume they'll continue this practice to push people to their new properties. Too bad because I liked April Suites when I stayed there and who's to say I wouldn't like their new properties too, but this is not the way to do it. As I said in my previous post, the proper thing to do is state when you're full and recommend your sister property.
  7. Are people with a reservation expecting to stay at April Suites, including some who pre-pay via agoda, etc., being given no other choice but to stay at March Hotel when they overbook April Suites? That would definitely suck, regardless of the quality of March Hotel, and if this really is the case, it would change the my opinion of the company running these places. Just stop accepting reservations when you're full and recommend your sister property, that's the right way to do it.
  8. I stayed at April Suites a couple of weeks ago and they never asked for the lady's ID. We just went straight to my room. This was my first time staying there, so I don't know if this is typical. Nice place. I'd certainly stay there again.
  9. Sounds like they're deliberately overbooking April Suites with the intention of sending the overflow to the new sister hotel as other reviewers on agoda have made similar comments to the OP's. No problem, if someone likes the new place. But what if someone really wanted to stay at April Suites due to location or some other factor. Perhaps a better alternative would be to state when they are full and recommend their 'brand new' sister hotel as an alternative. I'm pretty happy with April Suites myself, but might have a look at March Hotel in the future. Either way, I want to stay at the hotel for which I have a confirmed (and often pre-paid) booking and not be sent elsewhere.
  10. I remember. I used to work at a Mexican fast food place in high school. I had to wear a silly sombrero. Now, whenever I see this scene in Fast Times at Ridgemont High, it reminds me of that job.
  11. Wow, there's someone here who doesn't believe the farang didn't want to pay the 51 baht story. I can just imagine the police interrogation went something like this: Good cop: So, you politely asked your customer for the fare and he refused to pay the 51 baht on the meter. Then what happened ? Taxi Driver: He threw a cup of hot coffee on me. Bad cop: Concerning the evidence, why did we find blood all over your shirt, but no coffee ? Taxi Driver: ummm ... Good Cop: Perhaps the cup was already empty. Taxi Driver: That's right!
  12. I stayed there for a month five years ago. No problem with the location for me. Just a 400 m walk to Second Road to catch a baht bus or cross the road and you're just about on Soi 6. For me that's a short walk, maybe others think that's kind of far. Rooms were showing some wear and tear back then. Not sure how they are now. If I wanted to stay in that area again, I'd probably stay at @Mind.
  13. The adjective 'communist' was not added by Washington. Did you read the article? That word is never mentioned in any of their quotes. It was added to the heading of the article in the Thai newspaper The Nation. I realize you're one who likes to find fault with the US government at any opportunity, but the Lao government is certainly no bargain. Unfortunate for the Lao people, who I think are great. I love visiting Laos and hope to be there again soon.
  14. They are not trying to discourage anything. They are looking to extract more money from their guests and pad their bottom line. Why do they charge an exorbitant fee for in-room internet if they're catering to biz travellers? They do it because they know their guests will pay it. Why do they try and charge you for bringing hookers back to your room. Again, because they know their guests who want to do this will pay it. As I said earlier, they're not prohibiting you from bring prostitutes back to your room, which would absolutely discourage the type of guest who wants to do that. Frankly, I'd have more respect for a hotel that did that because they did not want that type of activity taking place in their hotel, than a place that charges joiner fees. When I wanna go up-scale, I'll give my business to others.
  15. I disagree with the first statement. It's a scam that does nothing to protect their 'image'. If they don't want guests bringing prostitutes back to their rooms, they should simply prohibit it. But they don't, do they. No, they prefer to profit from the sex industry as well. The height of hypocrisy. I agree with your second statement. Book the room online for two persons and print out the confirmation which shows the room is for two persons.