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    mongering, music, martial arts and movies i also love classic British tv comedies.
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  1. Best YouTube channels?

    Yep and I meet you in Patters, we can both have a beer and a barfine in the name of SirTwichy, Whore monger General. BTW you pay the first round of drinks.
  2. Best YouTube channels?

    Absolutely, I think he has been quite lately, I don't think his threats to Kev have worked the way he wanted them to. Who knows, maybe Twichy the twat, as moved on to new victims. I hope he leave Geoff Carter alone, in fact he never seems to have problem with him, just Kev and a few others. The dickhead, in fact I saw a video the other day of a collection of clips Twichy talking about his wife in demeaning ways. He seemed to enjoy talking about how his wife came off worse when the arguments with him get physical , he loved comparing his height and weight to hers, and how she was bruised. Greg Bender is nothing more than a bully, and I should imagine would keep quite if he was up against someone bigger. In fact on another post a member mentioned how bender never complains about Sharky . Now I am no fan of Sharky , but Bender would shit himself against him, he is more used to bullying the much smaller Rob and older Kev.,
  3. Best YouTube channels?

    Has anyone here seen those "RAW IN THAILAND" videos? Greg Bender is his name but liked to call himself Bitchy Twichy, and reallly had a go at Sunny In Thailand and Thailand Rob, calling them scammers. He then went on to call Kevin in THAILAND a whoremonger, and went on to show his distain for mongers by saying in one video, that judgement day will come for peopel like us in Pattaya. He labelled Brits bigots because he claimed they wrote racist comments to him, but he himself in one video called Sunny a Nazi, simply because he is Germen He claimed most of the whoremongers he met were British, but Kevin showed him up to be a hypocrite , It turns out he himself did some mongering and even caught VD by going bareback according to one of kevs videos. The most annoying thing about him to me , was the constant way he would refer to himself in third person, for instance " Twichy don't like whoremongers and scammers" it sounded ridiculous . He came on all guns blazing saying he was going for all the scammers and whoremongers , but lately he has calmed down, and doesn't seem to be the tough no nonsense vlogger he initially showed himself as.
  4. Well when I get to Patters in November, I will certainly give this place a try if its near soi 6, love a sauna, and if there are bar girls there that's even better .
  5. 'L.A. Confidential' director Curtis Hanson dead at 71

    Fantastic movie, saw LA CONFIDENTIAL many times at the cinema. so sad R.I.P.
  6. New you tube channel. Kev-In-Thailand

    I think his vlogs just keep getting better and better, with a good touch of humour.
  7. Veteran BBC presenter Terry Wogan dies aged 77: BBC

    Very sad, I used to watch his evening chat show in the eighties. R.I.P.
  8. 'Spotlight,' 'Mad Max' win at Critics' Choice Awards

    I saw the film in my hotel room early one morning, it was on my previous trip to Patters last year, and to be honest I preferred the first two. I thought it was better than the "THUNDERDOME", but there is something about the first and especially the second that cant be beat as far as action films go. "FURY ROAD" was still a fuck sight better than those awful "fast and furious" films,and Hardy made a good "MAX ROCKATANSKY" and it was good to see Hugh Keays-Byrne back on the screen.
  9. Sabai Resort Pattaya

    Yeah most likely want to get more cash from you, stick with Sabai if your mostly just going to have threesomes, or maybe enquire about the other Sabai hotels such as the Sabai Empress. good luck
  10. Sabai Resort Pattaya

    Well I can only handle a threesome , perhaps they may turn a blind if you and your partner are doing this regularly, however if your planning on a foursome many times then maybe either pay that little bit extra. Maybe look somewhere else, did you ask them how much do they charge to bring a fourth person back? maybe it will be cheap
  11. Sabai Resort Pattaya

    I don't know anything about Acqua, but I do know Jomtien is quite far from the main action of walking street so maybe Sabai is the best option, there are other hotels as well. I am sure there are many other BMs that will give you much more advice than me, but as I said for a single bloke the Sabai is just right for me.
  12. Sabai Resort Pattaya

    I am sure on here there will be plenty of fellas willing to give you advice on the best girl friendly hotels in patters, good luck.
  13. Sabai Resort Pattaya

    Your welcome, sadly no I haven't apart from the Sabai Resort the only other was THE CHOLCHAN PATTAYA RESORT, and that was on my first trip. It was a newbie mistake far from the main nightlife and had to pay a joiner f for the lady. It was quite a posh hotel and they did not really like me bringing the lady back, I got the walk of shame when I brought her through the lobby. Where ever you stay hop you enjoy yourself.
  14. Sabai Resort Pattaya

    I wasn't asked to pay anything for bringing back two not sure about four though, my stamina wasn't that great the BIG C is a shopping mall , I should imagine superior is the better. I go for the cheapest, the view from my room is not great as they are slatted windows, but I am there for the ladies so its perfect a single fellow like me fine.