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  1. Glasgow is pretty quick as well just now, handed in the form and my passport last Thursday at 9.30am, went and had some breakfast and a look around some shops in town and got a phone call telling me my passport was ready at 11.30pm.
  2. I had a lot of hassle last month trying to open a kasikorn account in Bangkok. I went around maybe 7-8 branches and they all said no because i had 30 day visa exempt. I ended up opening one with Bangkok bank had no trouble at all. It even says online you can open a account if your on holiday. All i showed them was my passport, and a online bank statement from my bank in the Uk and that was me sorted. http://www.bangkokbank.com/BangkokBank/PersonalBanking/SpecialServices/ForeignCustomers/Pages/Openinganaccountnew.aspx
  3. Cheers mate, yeah area is ideal for me , i usually stay in the dawin the past couple of years but my last 2 trips i booked the holiday inn on Soi 22. Seen a decent price for this on agoda so thought i would give it a try. Ill fire up some pictures and that once I'm back
  4. Anybody stayed here recently, just booked up for my next trip and was looking for some opinions about the place. I looked on trip advisor and it seems to get good reviews on there, facilities look great. I know it's girl friendly just wondering if anyone had any problems taking 2 girls back with them at night?
  5. Read a bit about this kind of stuff but not got a clue how it works at all. Just out of interest what kind of cash can be made on something like that? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Have a look on airbnb see if theres anything you like the look of. Message the seller then arrange a deal between the 2 of you of the site
  7. if your booking a condo for your stay your better going through somewhere like airbnb better chance getting money back if anything goes tits up.
  8. it was the hotel I stayed in on my first trip and I've never bothered staying anywhere else any other trips, i like to start my nights with a few drinks in tim's bar as well so its handy for that.