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  1. Thank you gentlemen. Much appreciated. Have booked with Agoda.
  2. Hi Gents Basically I want to book a deluxe rooms for a couple of weeks at Areca Lodge in June. However on the Areca Hotel website where I usually books says no availability for my dates. However when I tried Agoda it said deluxe rooms available for all my dates. I would like to book but do not want to get an email from agoda in a few weeks saying that it was an error and room not available. .. Should I book?
  3. Thank you all gents. Your advice is much appreciated.
  4. Hi Gents I am going to Pattaya at end of February for 3 weeks. My last two trips were within the last year and were both with entry stamp for 30 days on arrival. May 2016 for 20 days October 2016 for 21 days As this will be my third trip in 9 months I am not sure if I should apply for a tourist visa to be on the safe side, or will I be OK? Many Thanks
  5. They look the right way up to me now.
  6. So in this climate is it safer to apply for a 60 day tourist visa from the Thai embassy before leaving the country?
  7. Just spent three weeks at Hideaway. My expectations were far exceeded. It has the look and feel of a 4 star hotel than a guest house. In May I stayed in an Evergreen room in Areca Lodge at nearly 3 times the price of Hideaway and this room was very comparable in terms of bed, fittings, balcony etc; but in Hideaway the TV was far superior, was a Smart TV with True Platinum Package and the Wifi was miles superior, just superb; the best I have used in any hotel or guest room in Thailand. The proprietor and staff could not do enough for you and it was a joy to have such quality of service. Rooms cleaned everyday, Tea/Coffee, etc and laundry facilities available. The bar was also so chilled out and a lovely environment to watch the world go by with a cold beer or a cup of tea. I always tend to book somewhere different on each of my trips to Patts, variety is the spice of life as the say, but this time I have rebooked Hideaway for a month for early next year. Highly recommended.
  8. Thank you all very much for the replies gents. Much appreciated.
  9. Will staying on a higher floor WS side make a significant difference to noise levels?
  10. Hi Guys Does anyone know what time front of hotel closes and you have to use back alley behind hotel to gain access to hotel? I have heard 12.00am and also 2.00.am Many Thanks.