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  1. Watch Tv From Back Home 3999 Baht NO MONTHLY FEES

    Ive replied to your PM regards date Id like to purchase your recommended box and update of the lanzalad box I have. cheers.
  2. Watch Tv From Back Home 3999 Baht NO MONTHLY FEES

    Any chance you can message me your line details or number if poss? I land on 29th sept, would prefer you can drop me off the box day after and update my box I mentioned (which i got originally from lanzalad) nov 2015. I will be staying in a room with direct internet/router and I will have ethanet cable for best set up.
  3. Just imagine if the OP on this topic lumped a large amount on bitcoin when he started thread back in 2013 ... what he would have made with the value today.
  4. Got to agree with you. Particularly long term renters. Reliable internet & large screen TV are a must.
  5. Watch Tv From Back Home 3999 Baht NO MONTHLY FEES

    I will message you nearer my arrival. I will be staying in jomtien. I arrive end of sept. Will have your recomeded box. And update of my current box. Cheers.
  6. Watch Tv From Back Home 3999 Baht NO MONTHLY FEES

    Hi, im gonna be in patts for a month from the end of september. I currently have a MINIX - NEO X8-H Plus that I will be bringing with me that I need updating - Im also looking at buying from you either the minix U1 or the hi media h8 plus (what would you recomend?) - I will be keeping one of the boxes in thailand for all future visits. What price for the update of the one I have and the box you best reccomend? cheers
  7. I seen an advert for a 32 sq meter/furnished condo in vt1. 52 inch tv and internet direct to room included for i think 6500bt a month. 5th floor if i recall? This was about a month ago. Advertised on notice board outside supermarket on thrappaya road/bus station. Tons of adverts like this about. Maybe not quite as low but 7-10k is easily found. EDIT - this also had kitchen area/sink ... fridge/microwave/ basically fully furnished. If your in patts now just walk into reception area of condos or look on notice boards outside supermarkets. If ya not in patts now, then book a guest house for 1/2/3 nights. And do some footwork when u arrive. Ive got a few business cards of a few people if ya wanna inbox me for them. I was recently there for 2 months and looked at longer stay rentals for when i come again. Got some cards/numbers for people. Mainly in vt2 ... however a few in vt1 in the 7-10k range. If ya want the details inbox me.
  8. raviinc, if he bought bitcoin years ago, then he may well have made that kind of profit, however if he bought them recently and traded within a few months he is bull shitting, I dont know a massive amount on bitcoin, but do know it is becoming more and more popular, also the guy who had his throat slit on koh larn was trading in bit coin wasnt he? EDIT - does anyone know why the OP with 1400 post count, has been banned, this post was only created a few days ago. Also a member since 2011.