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  1. I plan on staying in Thailand for 90 days this winter. I know I can obtain a tourist visa before going and then get a 30 day extension in Thailand... But my questions are... Will I have an issue boarding my flight with only a tourist visa when return ticket is 90 days away? Will I have issue obtaining the tourist visa if my stay is longer than 60 days when I apply? I'm from America and will apply for tourist visa through the mail here. Thanks in advance for any info and advice.
  2. Yes,I am applying by mail to their New York location.I figured the Thailand reference person was optional ,but just wanted to make sure.
  3. Im currently looking at applying for a tourist visa for a trip this summer. On the visa application it asks for name and address of a reference person in thailand.I don't personally know anyone in thailand so I have no idea what to put. Any suggestions?
  4. boomerang guesthouse

    I stayed here the last 4 days of my trip ,about two weeks ago.I really liked the place and the girls all liked it as well.My only complaint is that the wifi was pretty damn weak.I had to stand close to the entrance of the room to get it to work at all.I was in room c1 which was on the third floor,it could be better on the lower floors.
  5. Hideaway Guest House and Bar.

    Your guesthouse looks great,just a few questions... 1.Do the standard rooms have balconies? 2.Do you accept credit cards for payment? 3Any standard rooms available from Sept 2 -Sept 12?
  6. they accept credit cards
  7. There is parking across the street for 40bt a day .I stayed at the china garden and one of the girls i brought back had a car and that's where she parked.I'm not sure if the rates are different for long term parking.
  8. I'm not sure which room your friend stayed in but mine was pretty nice.It was very big and roomy and felt more like an apt than a hotel room.I thought the furniture and everything looked newer and was in good shape.It's not fancy or upscale by any means but i don't think anyone is expecting that from this place.I went and looked at a few other hotels in that area in the 750-1000 baht range and the super deluxe room i had here was by far the best.The only complaints I have about the place are in my review.But other than that ,it will be my go to place in the walking street area.
  9. At there sister hotel ,they give you the option of paying a hundred baht more a night and electric is included.Not sure why they don't do that here too.I may email them and ask if that would be possible.
  10. They do have a deluxe and super deluxe room on the 2nd floor as well ,which wouldn't be as bad as walking up to the 3rd/4th floors.
  11. Yes ,it is a bit odd and also another negative about the place.The nightly rates are cheap considering what you get ,but you also have to figure in another 100-200 baht more a day for electric.At the end of my 5 day stay my electric bill was around 700 baht.But even with the electric bill ,it still comes out to 830 baht a night. I didn't do this ,but i should of checked the meter upon moving in.There was some confusion at check out of how much electric i actually used.The two ladies each went and checked it like three times.The one thought it couldn't be right because it seemed like too much.I think in the end they just made up a number.haha
  12. I couldn't find a review for Sanya Nightstar on here so I figured I'd do one.I stayed here the last five nights of a recent (March 2015) 10 day trip.I stayed in super deluxe room 302.I, unfortunately ,did not take any pictures of my room .But if you look at the photos on their website,they are spot on of course.Everything that you see in the super deluxe room pictures is what you get.One thing that the pictures don't show is how large the room is.The room was probably twice the size of my room at the China Garden for basically the same price. Location:Sanya Nightstar Hotel is located on Soi 14 right off of walking street and around the corner from Secret's Bar.The rooms with balconies are in the front of hotel ,so your view is of Soi 14.Besides seeing the girls coming and going from Secret's it wasn't much of a view .But it was better than some places where the view is the side of a building.There is a Laundry and clinic a few meters away.The closest 7/11 is around the corner on second rd which is like a five minute walk.I struggled to find any street carts that i liked during the day.At night all i had to do was go to walking street though and could find any type of food i was looking for.I really didn't like the location during the day and would prefer the lk metro area. The Room:I already mentioned that the room was very large compared to an average hotel room.There was plenty of space.It would be a good size room for a long term stay ,although they don't offer monthly rates.It had an average sized kitchen table,plenty of closet and storage space(probably too much),a decent sized fridge,microwave,loveseat,kitchenette,and safe.The balcony was big enough for a couple people and had a small table and chairs.The bathroom was average sized with no separation between the shower and rest of bathroom.They have a dial to adjust water temp so you can have hot or cold showers with no problems.There was air conditioning in room and also an oscillating ceiling fan above the bed.I actually preferred the ceiling fan at night.There is a knob on the wall to adjust the ceiling fan speed and also a dimmer for the lights.The tv in the room is kind of old but they had a good amount of cable channels ,including multiple music channels, which the girls liked.The fridge comes stocked with water,beer,pop,etc.I just bought my own stuff because the prices were high of course. The Staff:The staff at the hotel were very friendly for the most part.They hang out all day and night in the seating area at the entrance of the hotel.The only thing i did not like concerning the staff was that they wanted me to leave the key with them every time i left .Which was silly if just going to pick up laundry,but no big deal.The cleaning lady is excellent and very thorough when cleaning room.They also do check and hold on to the id of any lady you bring to the hotel.No joiner fees. Some Complaints:I had little black ants in my bathroom.I could usually get rid of them by running the shower a bit but they would come back everyday.The cleaning lady would do a good job cleaning the bathroom and getting rid of any ants also.But ,again,they still came back everyday.The towels seemed old and had a musty smell to them even when new.I would usually hang my towels on the balcony each day so they smelled fresher.The wifi was spotty at times but for the most part good.I also had an issue with my air conditioner leaking ,but they took care of it. Would I stay there again?Absolutely.I think it is a very good hotel for the price with a great staff.The only reason i would maybe not stay here would be the atmosphere during the day in the area.I struggled to find a decent place to eat during the day.I think i was maybe spoiled by staying at the china garden on soi lengkee when it comes to food.I could just walk out of my hotel there at 7am and be a few steps away from a fruit cart,and other food carts i liked. Questions?If anyone has any questions about the hotel or my experience ,I'd be happy to answer them as well as get my post count up...
  13. That superior room front would definitely be pretty sweet for the price.looks like its all booked for when i'll be back in town though.