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  1. I've stayed there twice in the big A1 room, loved it. Excellent room and one of the very rare guesthouses with a "closed" shower
  2. Which country are you from? Sent from my LG-H815 using Tapatalk
  3. Had a look at Blue Sky?
  4. True in some cases but I've often got Blue Sky much closer to B1000. In fact, my stay in April is at B6664 for 7 nights.
  5. Thanks LW. Nice rooms. A bit weird having the PCs, I wish they could be removed. I've considered Nova Gold before but gave it a miss as I just don't like walking along that road My B1000~ pick so far is Blue Sky on Soi 5.
  6. Is this still being rented out? I can't access that page (http://www.pattayaguesthouse-hideaway.com/studio-apartment.html) anymore
  7. How about in the rooms next door?
  8. Never stayed there but China Garden on Soi Lengkee has jacuzzi rooms. Other place I know with jacuzzi room is Hotel Baraquda's suites. But that'll be over B3000 Sent from my awesome LG G4 using Tapatalk
  9. 1. Sea Me Spring / Too / Tree. Convenient to access almost every area in Pattaya 2. W14. Very convenient for WS but not too much else 3. Intimate. Don't rate it at all
  10. Easier to use Honey's website (http://www.honeyscoffeehouse.com/) and pick the condo unit you want. The ones on Agoda are randomly allocated on arrival. Yeah the weekly rate includes cleaning once a week. You can always arrange for daily cleaning when you arrive. No idea about 4am arrival, best to drop her an email
  11. I stayed at Sea Me Too a few years ago, don't remember much. I was at The Stay last year just after Songkran. My room was on the top floor, only 4 or 5 rooms up there but there's a big meeting room and the gym on that floor too, as well as the stairs up to the pool. - Yeah, the wifi sucked. I can't remember about the Ethernet ports. - Didn't get any unpleasant odour in my room. - Walls were thin but about on par with many hotels in Pattaya. Got some noise from the other rooms but mostly from the maids chatting away in the corridor and maid room near the lifts. - Didn't get breakfast. - Shower was fine. I don't use much hot water though - Didn't go into the pool but was nice and big. No umbrellas. They tried to charge me for a "missing" hand towel at checkout but were unsuccessful. Did you look into Sea Me Tree (but apparently much smaller rooms than at Too) and Deep Blue Z10? Both opened recently.
  12. Pattaya Blue Sky on Soi 5
  13. I enjoy his videos but his foodcum face gets repetitive quickly, so I don't subscribe to his channel or watch all his stuff. I just look him up if I'm travelling somewhere new (e.g. Osaka recently) I first came across his videos when I was looking for some restaurants in Bangkok. Went down to this one below and been going there on every Bangkok trip since.
  14. Very nice review, thanks. Doesn't look worth B1900 though and not much of a sea view at all. But maybe the price is higher due to the Christmas/NY madness? I'll have a look on Agoda later for some other dates. Sent from my awesome LG G4 using Tapatalk
  15. I've stayed there a few times and find the location pretty good. 3-5 minutes' walk to Second Road or to Pattaya Klang. 5-10 minutes' walk to Soi 6. Usually take a motorbike taxi to WS though