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  1. PM the man himself Lamok founder of this site or think you will find him under the name bryan flowers now. He offers biz advice as a service I think but sure he would set you straight pretty quick given number of bars that the night wish group have on the go.
  2. No problem. Yeh that could be an option and maybe a few here are doing it already so can advise better. Maybe just need to calculate fees to see if its worth it. KSK possibly charge a fee for money coming into your FCD from the UK (it would be a very small charge if any) then another fee when you wish to exchange when rate is better. That would be a transfer from your FCD account to your Thai Baht account but again probably small charge or a % of the amount exchanged. You can check at your KSK branch. No monthly charge with a FCD only if it drops below a certain amount (think it was 2K) then they start charge something like 10USD a month for keeping the FCD open. If you have a longer term visa then suggest you talk with Bangkok Bank as they give online access (if you want it) to your FCD account. KSK simply don't provide that service on FCD accounts. Maybe in the future!! Strange you don't have online access with your KSK savings account. I have what they call Kcyber banking. If your living here full time not a big deal maybe but useful if moving around for work or whatever reason. Talk with KSK again if you have something other than a tourist visa or ask can you register for Kcyber banking / change over to current account if required to enable Kcyber banking.
  3. In Phnom Penh at moment for another SETV, agents now require a bank statement (recent new rule) to be submitted with the SETV application to the embassy showing at least 2K USD or equivalent and it seems the free visas are finished . Thought the freebies had been extended for another few months but not the couple of agents I visited in PP earlier!! Think they were initially due to finish 28th Feb but again thought I read somewhere that had been extended to a later date. Couldn't last forever I suppose!!
  4. A Foreign Currency Deposit (FCD) account is simply an account you set up in a different currency to THB. If you were working outside Thailand getting paid in USD,GBP, Euro etc and wanted the money in an account of that denomination within Thailand you open a USD,GBP, Euro etc with your bank and the money goes into that FCD or alternatively you could nominate your THB account then the money is exchanged at the rate on that day and goes into your THB account. Kasikorn and pretty much all Thai banks facilitate foreign currency accounts for anyone that wants them. Downside with the Kasikorn FCD you have no online access, and have to do in person anything related to your FCD account. Pretty sure its a KSK Thai Baht savings account and not a current account I have {that's what I have to select at ATMs anyway) and I have full online access from anywhere in the world and use for online purchases, payments etc etc and can view online anytime as to whats going in or out etc. An FCD is simply like a holding account (no ATM access) in your chosen currency. Perhaps your waiting for a better exchange rate to THB, want to keep a lump sum in your currency etc etc
  5. Also with the residency certs I read that Immigration won't issue them for opening of a bank account. When I went there they asked what they were for so I said need one for driving licence and one for buying a motorbike. Got the certs all in Thai naturally. In the bank one girl pointed out the residency cert states for driving licence!! I didn't think they wrote on the certs what it was to be used for!! As I didn't go ahead with opening the account I don't know if that would have stopped the process. So probably best to tell immigration its for a bank account as in my case they type on it what the cert is to be used for or better still use the agent mentioned in a post above. As Kd_traveller mentioned its not as easy now as it was and its true. Residency certs were not asked for when I opened my first account but that was number of years ago.
  6. With Kasikorn for years (who were / perhaps still are the easiest to deal with for account opening) but recently tried dealing with Bangkok Bank as there Foreign Currency Accounts (FCD's} give much better online access than Kasikorn which is pretty non existent for FCD accounts as where the Kasikorn current and saving accounts give excellent online access and never had a problem. Anyways went through the motions with Bangkok Bank, residency certificate, passport all good but then was told "oh no" online access can only be given if have a longer visa i.e. education, work permit. But seems to open an account / use ATMs not a problem with tourist visas and residency cert. This was my experience at Central Festival and as mentioned by others going around the branches may get different results. But as it turned out in my situation to transfer foreign currency out of my FCD's here in Thailand to another country will still require that I do it physically in branch regardless of online access or not..
  7. Maybe try a pm to board member Captain Dave who works in the shipping game as a captain!! He might have some info in relation to Thailand but would imagine for yacht work might be difficult for a Farang to work in Thailand
  8. Generally speaking always get problems sorted very quickly and efficently when ring kcyber. Usually person on the other end has good level of english as you select the english option from the outset. Your particular problem might require going to a branch in person with your passport.
  9. Good info but have read / heard stories where the seller sells the item on one platform such as ebay for say 79USD then knows where to get the product cheaper i.e. Amazon, home pro etc orders it and pays say 59USD and gets it shipped direct to the buyer at their address. Invoice / receipt usually included in package but most people don't look at invoices etc and throw them out with packaging but some might and then feel ripped off etc but like you say probably a workaround with private label dropping etc or like I was thinking deal with manufacturers direct and request they ship without any invoice etc
  10. Is drop shipping as in listing products on ebay etc then you source them elsewhere i.e amazon etc then ship them directly to your customer whereupon they can see receipt showing the price you paid before charging them extra. Is this a thing of the past or still a viable option? A lot of people done well out of this for a while but what with people leaving negative feedback on ebay etc due to feeling ripped off or people more savvy and trawling through sites themselves looking for the best bargain / price. Of course best option is to source your products directly from manufacturers but that can be a "minefield" as well! Any opinions appreciated before I take the step of spending a bit of time in China trying to source products direct for best price etc. Much easier if can be done from your laptop at home!!
  11. Same Same with Kasikorn card. Have used in SE Aisa including Cambodia also Australia and Europe. Never notified bank and never had problem at ATMs. Normally they issue debit cards and can be used internationally IME. On topic most exchange booths in Patts etc will have dollars. ATMs in Cambodia usually give 100 dollar bills. Can try get some small bills at exchange booth before leaving Thailand. 40 -50 dollars in 10 or 20 bills just make things perhaps a little easier on arrival. Tuk Tuk to hotel etc. But lots of money changers and ATMs in Phnom Penh anyway!!
  12. Hey all, Posted this in the Cambodia Forum but thought I would include here also as maybe get more views etc Has anyone had any recent experiences obtaining a 60 tourist visa from embassey in Phonm Penh with a couple of tourist visas already in passport? Usually based in Samui and use Malaysia for visas normally but want to mix it up a little this time and get from Cambodia so as not to attract attention!! Straightforward or bit difficult? If difficult might do a run from Pattaya to Laos instead but kind of fancy seeing Phnom Penh. Always to lazy previously to travel to Phnom Penh!! Have seen the agent Lucky Lucky in Phnom Penh mentioned so will probably use them. Also seen it takes 3-4 days which seems long but if thats the case so be it!! Also do you have to submit an onward ticket from Thailand? Read somewhere it was required, but never required in Malaysia. Lastly what will Lucky Lucky or similiar charge approx for getting the"'job done"? Thanks for any info
  13. I believe the post re: hollowing out and filling with lead was in relation to gold bars. Nobody expects links in a chain or a ring to be hollowed out!!! If they could perform that feat they deserve to get away it......
  14. It's Shite?? How you know it's shite? Granted if you work in gold buying / dealing or experienced dealer / buyer of Gold bars in LOS (which I assume you are given your 'put down' replies to posts on this topic) then fair enough!! While you could call it extreme paranoia to think that the expensive bar of gold you are buying in the shop in Patts may have been 'hollowed out' and filled with lead to gain the weight can anyone say its not a possibility? Do you get them to cut the bar in half in front of you in the shop to check this? I know nothing about gold buying but it's LOS!!! Guessing a serious knowledgeable buyer if buying gold in Thailand maybe avoids gold bars or would source somewhere other than the red gold shops you find all over Patts and all tourist areas of Thailand!!
  15. I am with Kasikorn also and opened both a Euro and USD account. Had Thai account already and straight forward to open both foreign currencey accounts at branch beside Tuk Com. Think I was sent there by my main branch at Central Festival when enquiring initally about foreign currencey accounts. Downside is no online access to Kasikorn foreign currencey account unlike your Thai account which gives full online access. Withdrawels etc have to be made in person at the same branch which you opened the account. Money in, no problem as often used both for salary payments in the past. If open in Patts then go to Kasikorn in Chang Mai or Phuket for example will be unable to access your foreign currencey account. Will be told can only do in Patts. But yes 4-5 years ago very straightforward if already account holder with Kasikorm to open a Euro, USD or GBP account. Now, not so sure!!!