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  1. A single entry Non-Imm O-A does not seem to be an option in the USA http://www.thaiconsulatela.org/service_visa_detail.aspx?link_id=48 The description of the other Non-Immigrant visa types to which I do not seem to fit http://www.thaiconsulatela.org/service_visa_detail.aspx?link_id=34
  2. I have been reading up on some costs, reviewing some application forms, and trying to understand this visa crap as I begin to plan for retirement in Pattaya. With my home Country being the USA, a Non-Immigrant O-A visa application is $200, a criminal record check will be of some unknown cost and headache, a medical certificate from the doctor will probably be close to $100 plus and lab fees if they run some blood tests, four passport photos which is probably gonna be near $20. Notary fees at probably $10 or more per page and there are requirements that the bank statements, police records, and the medical certificate all must be notarized. The fees and headaches seem to add up here very fast. I don't see this being done with much ease for less than $500 when you start to add in postal costs of mailing my passport securely since I don't live near a Thai Embassy or Consulate. Now I compare the above to applying for a $40 SETV which has relatively little application headache. Then doing a TM.86 application for change of visa at Jomtien to obtain the Non Imm O-A. From what I understand, it's not much of a hassle or cost to get the medical certificate in Thailand. Is there even a criminal record search requirement when you're already in Thailand? There does not seem to be a notary requirement. Stupid stuff like passport photos are way cheaper than in the USA. The TM.86 fee is just 2000 baht. So what am I missing here??? Why is it worth the time, expense, and tremendous headache to get the Non-Imm O-A in the USA?