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  1. Sea me springs - age issue

    I have stayed at their sister hotel, Sandy Spring. I never had a issue with bringing back 18/19 year old girls. The girls had to turn in their ID cards at the dest and would get them back when they left. Not the Sandy Spring hotels, but other when I'm not sure what their guest policies are, I send a email to the hotel to confirm. LeoTex
  2. Let me guess??? You were the last to know about the gift. LeoTex
  3. At least the 'odds' are better for them on the microwave than on the lotto tickets I buy for them. You may have something, tell each one of them that the one that gives the best performance gets the prize at the end of my stay. LeoTex
  4. Moving right along with the progress. I walk by there several times each trip, sometime there are workers and sometimes not any to be seen. For me, not sure of the Location. LeoTex
  5. I know not a 'cheap' place, but for me inexpensive, LK Metropole Studio rooms and up. Nothing better to be able to have microwave popcorn or nachos in the room. Not a bad idea, get to Big C and pick (pay) one up and use it in the room. Have the girls you have taken back to the room buy raffle tickets and the winner of the drawing gets the microwave when you leave. LeoTex
  6. Serenotel hotel

    Yes it is. LeoTex
  7. Like I mentioned in my previous post, I stay at the Areca Lodge at least 4 times a year and I never had to pay extra for to bring a guest to the room, a 2nd guest, yes. The same for breakfast, could always bring my LT to breakfast without being charged extra. A couple if times I have brought a 2nd person for breakfast and its hit or miss if they are going to charge for the 3rd breakfast, if they did charge, it has always been 130 baht. LeoTex
  8. You would think!!! I stay at the Areca Lodge part of each trip. The difference between a standard room and a deluxe room, is the deluxe rooms overlook the pool, and of course cost more. Oh, both type rooms are about he same size. LeoTex
  9. When I stayed at the Areca Lodge on one or my trips last year I decided to stay one extra day. I had to leave for the airport at 10:00 PM and they charged me a extra 600 baht to stay to 10:00 PM, not bad for a extra 10 hours. Except for that one time, I just book and pay for pay for that day when I have a late trip to the airport. I find the 24 hour policy you asked about. My flights alway arrive at midnight and I get to the hotel some time between 1:45 and 2:15 AM, its just easy to pay for the first night. LeoTex
  10. I stay at the Areca Lodge each of my 4 trips a year. A few times I waited until I was there in late September to book for December and the room type I wanted were already fully booked. Now I make my December reservation when I'm there in July. I have the Ace Club membership and have also booked with sending them a email, [email protected] and have gotten fast replies. In fact for my arrival in 2 weeks I wanted to check in a day early and by sending them a email made it happen. I find I get the lowest price with the Ace Club membership and book directly with the hotel and not use a booking site. LeoTex
  11. Hotels Reviews Outside of Thailand Follow 2 We welcome reviews from anywhere outside of Thailand. Especially Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam, Japan and other Asian countries Better Tittle, you think?? I guess the hotel doesn't know it's inside Thailand. LeoTex
  12. Booking hotels

    I do the same as some have mentioned above, I book my hotel in Pattaya for my complete stay. if I take a 3 to 4 day side trip, I keep my Pattaya room and pack light for the side trip. Yes it's a little more costly, but sure makes the travel a little easier. If I wasn't coming to Pattaya, I would try and get a earlier check out date. LeoTex
  13. Reminds me of a book I'm getting ready to read, "Dead Lawyers Don't Lie", I guess this would also hold true to Real Estate Agents. LeoTex
  14. Looking to rent a car for a month

    I have used ExPat Car Rentals 5 times and will use them again in April. I think they have 50 or 60 + cars and are newer and well maintained. Everyone that I rented were automatic. They are located on the way to Jomtien and have a website where you can check rates and make a reservation. or Google them. I fell that they have proper insurance coverage and are easy to do business with. LeoTex