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  1. Secrets Villa Detailed Photo Update

    Doesn't look "big" whatsoever.
  2. Watch Tv From Back Home 3999 Baht NO MONTHLY FEES

    ....just to add.... I bought Android boxes from another vendor. They all failed,and promised support was meagre or not forthcoming at all. I suspect many BMs have malfunctioning boxes with no useful support.In these circumstances they are useless. The OP here reprogrammed all my boxes and they haven't failed at all. My previous ones did. The old supplier's links were worn out or turned off and I was high and dry. So that's what you are buying....reliability.
  3. Watch Tv From Back Home 3999 Baht NO MONTHLY FEES

    Because they are pre-loaded with just about every programme you could need. Supplied in a ready-to-go state,just plug and play. Add to that the online support and reprogramming should anything go astray and it's a damn good buy. If you buy an unloaded machine off the shelf and hit a problem you are on your own. There must be many people owing a box that no longer functions because they don't know how to resurrect it or have loaded weak streams with no serious support. I've got one of Footymadstreams boxes and it runs like a dream.
  4. Minix Boxes Fixes And Updates

    I've just taken advantage of this offer. I had three sick and unresponsive Minix boxes incapable of performing anymore.They progressively gave up the ghost or couldn't be updated as I had previously been advised. Footymadstreams has stripped off the old redundant apps and reinvigorated them with working content.Now up and running instead of gathering dust on my shelves. I'm told updating can now be done by a single click and not a convoluted process which takes you round the houses and back again. So,out with the old and in with the new. I'll add to this when I've given all three a good run and report back on performance. So far so good!!
  5. Foreigners arrested as Thai police find guns, dead body

    Bangkok Post on the case....with photos.
  6. Foreigners arrested as Thai police find guns, dead body

    Sounds interesting! Hopefully more information to follow.
  7. Any fire extinguishers included?
  8. That the apprehended bloke wasn't his business partner? OK.
  9. Being reported that the guy who got his collar felt was a partner at the Sweet Spot,the popular cake shop now on Third Road and mentioned in dispatches on here from time to time. Like the shops delicacies,seems like he was offered up on a plate. Been fingered by person or persons unknown? Doesn't sound like a random tug. Keep your friends close,your enemies even closer.
  10. Are deportees held in jail then transported to airport detention cells before being bundled on a flight to their home country? Who pays the flight?? And,what happens to the blokes possessions? Would he be allowed to pack his bags,or is he sent out with only the clothes he is standing up in? Anybody have any experience of deportation? Just curious.
  11. Watch Tv From Back Home 3999 Baht NO MONTHLY FEES

    Is that adding the seven apps you mentioned in an earlier post? I have a Minix box,loaded,but the apps are always failing so it's pretty useless at the moment. I'm sure many people,including myself,will jump at the chance to load their existing boxes with your apps for only 500 baht and get their product working again. I'll PM when next in town.
  12. Is this a new LK Metro hotel?

    Yep. The constructors attached large letters on the south facing side two days ago.They aren't illuminated (yet) but can clearly be seen when looking from Second Road south of Soi Diana intersection. "The Base" it is. For 24 hours it only said "The" but the other letters eventually turned up.
  13. I think those miniscule ants are indestructible and live in all hotel structures. A blast with a insecticide spray wipes them out for a couple of days until they regroup and carry on as usual.Not a lot you can do about them.
  14. Condo For Sale

    It was on here,in Trip Reports.
  15. Agoda adds 17% to the headline rates they quote,for service and Vat. The deals don't look so attractive when the billing page comes up. They also quote an unrealistic rate in addition the special offer,a rate so out of proportion to the market is seems like a stunt to draw you towards the bargain claimed.