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  1. Good report Evil and great selection of pics,noted this hotel a while ago,good to have a first hand account,its now firmly on my list of possibles.
  2. 247 boutique hotel

    Thats just what i waned to know,i looked at some pics but couldnt quite make out wether there was a seperate shower or not,so thanks!
  3. 247 boutique hotel

    Those mini suites look nice,is there a seperate shower or is the shower over the bathtub!
  4. Will wi-fi be a requirement?
  5. Internet

    Adelphi hotels wifi was solid,admittedly im not an heavy user,i just used it for my i phone apps when in the room.No issues at all though wether in the room or around the pool!
  6. April or August suites??

    Never stayed April but stayed at August suites twice,and why do you stay at a place again....... Its in a great area convenient for most places,entrance is set back but theres a sign that hangs over the pavement!If you were to walk up Pattaya klang from beach rd,cross the road at the traffic lights and its on your left about a minute more away!
  7. I`ve never stayed there,but i read reveiws of the place and although nice things still get said about it i get the impression the rooms could do with a refurb!
  8. Thanks LW,I just read your reveiw of your recent trip and left a comment ,didnt know you`d done a reveiw of the hotel!
  9. Adelphi although a fine hotel is nothing like Areca.Adelphi is a compact medium sized hotel,definitely one of the better ones in its category! Good size walk in shower too!
  10. Thers some vain buggers on PA!
  11. Agoda Points Question

    Agoda are starting a new scheme,they are introducing `gift cards`,you dont have to reach any minimums to redeem!You might receive something about it shortly via an e-mail!
  12. Hotel booking sites each have an allocation of rooms,if for example agoda says theres nothing available it dosnt mean the hotel is full,maybe another booking site will have some of its allocated rooms available! If you`re intent on Areca and cant get rooms through these sites,just contact them directly! And yes as others have already said,book for two.
  13. 4 places in a month.

    Thanks for that,im doing three weeks at Adelphi in july so its good to hear positive comments,although to be honest most reviews on Trip advisor and agoda have been very complimentory!
  14. Booking hotels

    In the past i`ve often booked and paid for the duration of my stay at a particular hotel,then half way through i`ve decided im off to koh larn (a number of times)one time koh samui, and in the past Bangkok a few times too.It hasn`t bothered me that im paying for a room i might not use for a few days!I dont like packing and unpacking all the time anyway,once i get my hotel room its my base for my entire stay,even if i go off somewhere!